Reading Slump!

Have you ever gone through periods where you're not finishing books because they don't seem to hold your interest? It's either the excitement tapers off or the writing needs work. It's always something. For the past year I can say, I've been shelving more books as DNF(did not finish) more than finished. As a lover … Continue reading Reading Slump!

In The Gray by A.D. McCammon| COVER REVEAL + Giveaway!

Good Day Bookish Folk! Lately, I've been having a love/hate relationship with romance books which I'll cover in my very next post. But somewhere in between all of those DNFs(Did not finish), I'll come across ones written by A.D. McCammon. Her first two books, In This Moment and Crushed can be found on for … Continue reading In The Gray by A.D. McCammon| COVER REVEAL + Giveaway!

New Anxieties

I did a post some time back about having someone hovering over my shoulder or just casually standing behind me. People responded to it, so I guess I'm not the only one that feels a mixed surge of annoyance and anxiousness by it. Lately, I've been growing a special distaste for answering phones, but it's … Continue reading New Anxieties