Society Plays A Role

We don’t always feel it, we don’t always see it, but society plays a role in shaping our mentality and our lifestyles. When I was younger, I used to believe everything was sharply outlined as long as I followed what was told and expected of me. Getting a degree, settling into my dream career, marrying my knight in shining armor, planning vacations etc.

As I grew older, this vision began to fade into something called reality.

“Reality disappoints when you’re shaped by an unrealistic society” – Being Kat

Who gives society dictatorship to say who’s going to be successful or not? Why is society looking down on teenage mothers or individuals who choose not to pursue a university degree? What really are those levels and boundaries? Set by whom???
Nowadays society is telling people how to manage their relationships and friendships. Don’t believe me??? If you’re a doctor, would you marry a waitress? If you’re an accountant in some fancy office, would you marry a janitor? Now do you believe me? The world we live in today talks about equality and destroying discrimination but it will always be there. It’s a system that won’t go away. 

I fell into this life and lost myself. Some years back, I was operating like a machine. No life, no love, no laughter, I didn’t know who I was anymore. I forgot the things I loved to do. One of the first things I wanted to do was become a writer. I wanted to write movie scripts. I was infatuated with William Shakespeare in primary school and some of highschool. But it wasn’t the norm to pursure something creative like that, so it became a hobby and I never spoke of it. If I did, I would be laughed at as though I’m dreaming the impossible, and I honestly thought I was. I went through with this “norm” that everyone is hyping about. One day I just had enough and I had to make some hard decisions. I decided I wanted to live, not just survive. I wanted to reconnect with my passions, reading and writing. But how was I to just walk away from everything I was working hard at? Around that time a couple of my friends died in road accidents. I have distinct memories with each and until this day I still don’t feel like they’re really gone. But they are….just like that. Their passing really made me rethink my whole purpose in life and what I wanted. It inspired me to bring my dreams into fruition, to cease opportunities, to take risks. I was never really a risk taker, but sometimes in life, your silver lining doesn’t get handed to you on a platter. Sometimes it’s hidden inside a cloud, as the saying goes.

The day I walked out on what everyone thought was the right thing for me, I felt lighter. My heart felt younger. I was faced with some difficulties but today I am really happy. Not because my life is so perfect, not at all. Every couple of weeks I get really stressed out about things. But I am truly happy to be living my life to please myself and not society. I fell in love with my passions once more and I am thinking of writing again, this time as something to share with the world. I look forward to living each day, laughing with my daughter.

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