Social Media, People and Their Colors

Social Media is not very social anymore. Almost everyone I know is using Facebook nowadays, before that we had MySpace and Hi5. Remember those? Anyways besides networking, keeping in touch with family via messages and photos, social media has become a platform for hatred. Now I have nothing against people with an opinion or a view whether it’s along the lines of mine or not. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. What really rubs me the wrong way, is when people become keyboard warriors. They sit behind a computer or phone and type away the worst kinds of hate,but in real life these people have no spine. And I have experienced that. People will talk about you and your views, your family, your lifestyle, your fashion etc on Facebook, yet in real life they seem to be so hunky dory with you. I would appreciate if you can disrespect me on Facebook, walk past me straight in the street. I can respect that.

You actually learn a lot about people by the things they post and like or comment on than in real life. To each his own. Despite being a very unbiased and fair person to everyone and their lifestyle of choice, I do not receive the same. I have lost way more family and friends on Facebook than I have gained. And the reason being? Because they don’t agree with my views and they are not mature enough to accept me for who I am. I honestly don’t know how these people survive through their daily lives with that attitude. Oh wait, it’s by being FAKE.

I’m not crazy to be a part of anyone’s lives, most humans annoy me, but I want to get in depth about how people can be and I prefer take my time and write here than post a one sentence status which people are going to misinterpret anyway. One of the most common things I have seen recently is that people aren’t really true to themselves. Most just go with the motion, existing through life, following what’s popular. No one is interesting anymore, nothing unique or great to bring to the table. There are few but you know what I mean.

I have always had haters, we all do, but it’s when people who I have known since I was a child and have respected, started to be offended by my diversity, is when it bothered me for a bit. I am not a bad person because I am different than the next person nor are you. Because I share different views, does not mean I am disrespecting you and your life in anyway. I cannot be done with stressing that being different is frickin’ OKAY.

I think I started noticing people’s true colors towards my life and views around the time when the kid was burned in Palestine in 2014 which sparked a series of mass killings of men,women and children. Despite the evidence people didn’t want to recognize a genocide taking place, hence they didn’t like when some of us were posting the truth. I just want to add quickly that opposing the killings of the Palestinians does not mean opposing Judaism. 

One person in particular who always interacted with me, someone who is elder than I am and I have known all my life decided to “unknow” me. Her color came out as an Islamophobe and I guess she didn’t realize that I was Muslim or had any particular political knowledge and such people tend to hate being proven wrong so I guess there is that. I cannot blame people who don’t possess the knowledge but why are you ignorant when someone answers you question? Did you not hear what you wanted to hear? I don’t agree or see things the way other people do all the time but I do respect their right to think differently. I really respect real and genuine people.

Then there are the confrontational people who will always be rude trying to prove you wrong and when you are not wrong, they cannot accept that and they get angry at you. You have offended them by being right.

This one is the most annoying. The people who are generally ignorant and are just sheeping their way through life and you want to explain to them the truth but you know it doesn’t make sense. Some are so wrapped in their blindness to even realize what’s going on. You can go on for years and they will still not see or hear what you’re saying. Like I said before I do accept people, stupidity and ignorance isn’t a crime. I cannot hold that against anyone as much as it affects my eyes on social media. One post that I can recall and it was a bit disappointing. One of my long time friends posted something about the entire country of Tunisia when some tourists were killed. How can you blame an entire country for a group of murderers? Why didn’t you mention the Tunisian people who risked their lives to help those tourists? Why be partial in your reporting? Why be a c*nt? It took me aback because this person is just like me, very unbiased and taking no sides, speaking the truth so I thought it was very beneath him honestly. I held him with better credit in my mind.

What really disappoints me in all of this are the people that were once considered family and friends. Why would you hate someone for being and thinking different? What does that say about you? At the end of the day I am just trying to be better than I was yesterday and we all are….yet we judge one another unfairly. We create hatred and division among ourselves ignorantly, for very poor reasons. We gain nothing from this hatred created on social media. Ask yourself…is this how I intend to be remembered?


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