Your favourite TV Show is CANCELLED!

It’s very difficult to love a TV Show as of 2015. Obviously this has been going on for quite some time but recently it’s getting worse. These networks hype up a premiere series and before season 1 is even over, it is cancelled. It’s really annoying for people like me who enjoy the continuation of a TV series over movies.

I have gone back to older series that I haven’t looked at with at least 3 seasons. I get that the networks want super ratings, but I’m pretty sure they get low ratings because people feel like it would be cancelled anyway. And what exactly are low ratings? For different networks, this means different numbers because I have seen some pretty shitty TV shows with longevity. Even if a new series looks promising, I will wait until it is picked up for another season, but by that time I may not even care.
Gone to soon(These are just some of my personal favourites):
Stalker w/ Maggie Q & Dylan McDermott
Witches of East End
Mike & Molly
American Odyssey
Star Crossed
Covert Affairs
The Whispers
Agent X

There are also a lot I have been meaning to start, but what’s the point now?
So maybe it’s back to movies for this TV junkie or maybe some foreign series?


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