December 2015 Kindle Book Review

These are mostly holiday romances, I get into that mood around the holidays. The majority of these I got for free using, so don’t judge the cheesy, happily ever after stories. If it’s not your cup of tea then move along.

WARNING: Includes sexual content, not for children.

*Finding Southern Comfort (Barbara Lohr)
Harper performs in costumes at kids’ birthday parties, she is tricked by her agent to perform at a bachelor party.She decides to go with it because she is tight on money, however it ends up with a very embarrassed Harper. Weeks later she ends up landing a job as a Nanny to a little girl named Bella, at the same house she embarrassed herself at during the bachelor party. Sparks fly between Harper and Bella’s widowed father Cameron. It’s an enjoyable read, but I will give it 4 stars only because the writer called a 29 year old man, old. Helloooo! She wrote Cameron as if he was in his mid forties, kept stressing how older he was while Harper was in her mid-twenties, I didn’t catch that. Harper was written more like a 19 year old college student, which I had no problems with but it really irked me the way the writer made Cameron feel so old at just 29. To be noted, old and mature is very different.

*Three Wise Men Series (Serenity Woods)
Book 1. The Perfect Gift
Steamy, fast paced December romance. Like I said, I quite enjoy these around the holidays. Brock King, a widowed pediatrician, meets a single mother with whom he has been chatting with for the past year. They both know instantly that they like each other a lot and they want more. Brock is a billionaire owner of a huge foundation for sick children along with his two brothers, Charlie and Matt. Erin, a single mother is struggling to make ends meet, so she always feels intimidated by Brock’s money. She doesn’t want him or herself to feel like she is interested in him only for financial security. Brock does a very good job of directing the relationship where he wants it to be and helps her remove her confusion.

Book 2. The Ideal Present
This is the second book in the series, I have not read the third. This one is about Brock’s brother Charlie who is a bit of an introvert. He has had a long lasting crush on Ophelia, who is another single mother. Well not so single, since her husband with whom she is only separated with is trying to get back together. Charlie is a very calm character, doesn’t act on impulse, thinks before he acts. I like how they ended up together but not in an unrealistic way.

Overall I like the way this author writes.

*Winter in Sweetwater County (Ciara Night)
Lisa Mortan buys an antique shop in a small town with a woman that she met online. Lisa is escaping a relationship from the city with secrets. She and Eric, her co-owner’s son have an undeniable and irresistible attraction from day one but they both have secrets. Eric is dealing with tragedy from his past and Lisa is carrying her ex-boyfriend’s baby that he doesn’t know about. She left him with the impression that she had an abortion before she left the city. It turns out well of course. A nice cozy read.This is also part of a series, I haven’t read any more of it though.

Happy Reading!
xo Kat

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