Most Liked Book Series Part 1

I have read these books at different ages and stages of my life. It has either impacted or remained with me as a most liked till this day. I will call this Part 1 because I cannot remember all the series I have read in this moment, also I don’t want to make this super long. I have labelled this as “most liked series” because I can’t really say favorite. I think if you have more than five favorites, it’s not really a favorite.

The Sweep Series (Cate Tiernan)

This series I believe have really broken me out into reading book series. I had read Harry Potter before this, but this one really made me want to read more series in this genre particularly. The subject of this series is Wicca. Growing up you may tend to misunderstand Wicca for what it is but reading can really open up a whole new world. The series follows Morgan Rowlands, a teenage girl who discovers that she is actually a born witch with powers and can perform magick. She learns the dos and don’ts as well as falling in love and fighting dark forces. I had found this book in my highschool library and there were only the first two. There was no way I could get the others, things weren’t as accessible as it is now. Years later, I found it in eBook format online and I read the rest of the 12 books. There are 14 all together and a 3rd person special edition I believe. I would say this is my favorite series of all time because it really opened up my love for reading about magic and witches, fantasy and horror.

The Demonata (Darren Shan)

This series follows three people from different times, Grubs Grady, Kernel Fleck and Bec Mcconn. It is made up of 10 books. The three main characters do eventually meet. A group of Mages called the Disciples accompanies them. The disciples travel through different Demon universes and the world trying to protect humans. The main demon in this series is Lord Loss who feeds off the sorrow of human beings. He has many minions that plays terrifying parts throughout the series. Their goal is to destroy the human universe. These books are so brutal and action packed from the start, I was a little bit surprised, in a good way. It’s a perfect mix of  horror and fantasy. I love the ending where the main characters take on a sort of intangible form to recreate the universe as it once was but with a better vision. 

House of Night (P.C. Cast & Kristin Cast)

I think there are twelve books and some novellas to go with this series. I have just read seven of these books. I started reading it a long time ago and life got busy. I have started to read the way I want to but I think with age, I didn’t necessarily lose interest, but there’s just so much that I prioritized before this series. I will be getting back to it soon though. It is still however one of my most liked series. A mixture of Vampires and Wicca. I didn’t read much books like this before so this was definitely ground breaking in this type of subject. The main character in this book is Zoey Redbird. She was marked and then she had to attend a vampire boarding school which functions at night of course, hence the name House of Night. Zoey is definitely not your damsel in distress and I liked that about her character. She is accepting of her fate and she isn’t scared or guilted about screwing up. I will probably do a better review once I have finished reading this series. 

Stay Tuned for Part 2 of my most liked series.

Happy Reading
XO Kat

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