Knowing Everything About Everything

Growing up I would often think I’m stupid and I should know more, because people make you feel inferior if you can’t comment on something. But I don’t have that kind of energy, I always feel like there’s something to learn in this world and it’s okay to admit you don’t know about something or you’ve never heard it before. I’d like to believe most of us aren’t stupid, we just have expertise in the field we are passionate about and other fields, we’re not so learned in it.

However, I have encountered some die hard know-it-alls. I mean these people are so serious about knowing everything when in reality their knowledge is quite limited or just plain ignorant. It’s best to ignore them but it’s also very difficult when you have to deal with them often. They can really get under your skin and annoy the daylights out of you. Some of them know they’re wrong but they just can’t accept being wrong so they carry on in their banter to make the other person look stupid.

What am I saying though? Some people really know everything about everything. Like fanatics, they know everything about whatever it is they know. That’s all well and good but they feel the need to always make a statement about how much they “know” about something and you don’t. Because God forbid anyone else takes an interest and has some knowledge in whatever they’re talking about.

It’s not only appalling but it’s amazing, because it really leaves me in awe when I see this level of dedication that people have when it comes to knowing more than others. Of course there are experts in every subject that we can learn from, but this is something else entirely. This is basically trying to “outknow” people in order to make them look stupid or make one’s ego satisfied.

I have had experiences where people would just not let you get a single word in or try to understand things from a different perspective. Sometimes I wonder if it’s a mask, because they feel inadequate and would not take an inferior position to someone else. Being wrong is humiliating for them, the most important thing is to feel like winning.

You stating facts do not make a difference to them. It’s hard when people who are in close proximity to you are this way because often you’ll be arguing. Before I would try to reason, or have a debate but now I just agree to disagree and close the conversation. Let them have the last say and move on.

xo Kat

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