Ridiculous Hashtags

A few years back, I thought the “hashtag” (#) was a brilliant idea. It turns words and phrases into a link where you can search for related topics. It’s basically like a keyword used on different social media platforms. So as I was saying, I thought it was a brilliant way to allow people to track discussions, photos, topics etc. But now it’s really annoying. Not the functionality of it but people who abuse it in an annoying manner.

I don’t think everyone really understands how a hashtag is used. When you hashtag an entire caption or post, what is that? Why would you hashtag the word “it”? Every word in the sentence is a different hashtag. I don’t think people type in words such as “the” or “him” in a search. Okay maybe I’m ranting a little too far, but you get what I’m saying and it’s super annoying. Almost as annoying as people who type “LyKe tHiS”.

Another way it is abused is when an entire sentence is one hashtag. OH EM GGG! For example #Iwearblackonfridaysanddrinkcoffeeforbreakfast. Did you get that? Would you even search that? I would think if one wants to see topics about coffee, one would search #coffee. So it’s ridiculous to even create a hashtag like that. It defeats the purpose. Hashtags were created as a link. When you use hashtags that only yourself can understand or would use, no one else would search it or use it, so why create it in a hashtag anyway? It’s a link that doesn’t need to exist.

People Who Are Annoyed By Ridiculous Hashtags

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