What Do Men Read?

It’s a known fact that men read, but what do they read? Currently I’m reading a Nora Roberts novel and I was thinking to myself, “Would a guy read a book like this?” I have seen men with novels, magazines, newspapers etc quite a lot previously but I don’t know what’s happening right now. I decided to do a little experiment or research via social media by asking, “What Do Men Read?” I didn’t get a lot of participants but I’ll work with what I’ve gotten. Women even gave their suggestions, I’ll also include that.

Guy #1
What do you read?
– News, Newspapers

– Because it’s short, and I don’t have patience to read anything longer.

Guy #2
What do you read?
– Research and development about auto and electronics

– Because it’s fascinating and it makes sense.

Guy #3
What do you read?
– Spiritual Books

– Because I practice mysticism.

Guy #4
What do you read?
Β Manga

Because I like the art style of the pictures and also it’s read from right to left.

Guy #5
What do you read?
Sci-Fi, Fantasy, anything gory and supernatural, manga and comics

To escape to a new world and to learn life lessons that weren’t taught.

Some of the answers women commented:
– Porn (LOL), Mystery, Thriller, Comics, Manga, Magazines.


I think it’s a common misconception that men don’t read, that it’s not a manly thing to do, however there are a lot of literature out there suitable for men. My research was to learn what men do read as of 2016 because times have changed a lot since I had reading guy friends in school. In conclusion I think men are truthful readers, in the sense that they read what interests them only and not what is mainstream.

Thank You to everyone who was helpful,
xo Kat

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