The Walking Dead Tag

1. Favorite weapon used to kill zombies
– Definitely Michonne’s sword. I don’t think I could lift a crossbow and look as cool as Daryl

2. How many of your characters are dead?
– To be honest? None. TWD has a way of letting a character get annoying before their deaths so you don’t miss them that much. I did however expect Beth to make it

3. Favorite Villain?
– Well, we’re now at the end of Season 6 and the long awaited Negan is here so…Negan.

4. Favorite Season?
– Is this even a question? LOL. All of ’em

5. Stuff or things?
– Stuff and thangs

6. Favorite Location
– Prison

7. Who do you ship?
– Been shipping Rick & Michonne since forever….and that happened πŸ™‚

8. Black character with the most potential before they died
– Bob

9. Worst portrayal of a female character
– Lori, Andrea

10. Worst plot line
– Keeping Judith alive.

11. Favorite character
– Rick Grimes ofc!

12. Coolest survival tip you picked up
– Kill or be killed

The End. Stay tuned for more tags πŸ™‚

xo Kat

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