It’s Not Easy Putting On A Face

I’m sure it’s very familiar to hear us wives and mothers are always complaining when we really have nothing to complain about. Sure, the other person has it harder, working and supporting kids alone, or their husbands have hurt them beyond repair and they can’t go on.

Okay, fine. I get all of that. But everyone’s lives are different and we all have our limit buttons and capacities at which we can handle things.

Emotionally, us women are often not okay. Put all the bias aside, this is a post about women in general and how we deal with things, whether we are wives, mothers, girlfriends, sisters. 

Often we have to be strong, holding together everything and we get caught up in that heroism, that we often forget ourselves. It’s hard to take care of yourself when you’re always tending to everyone around you. And when you neglect yourself, you start loathing things about your life. You may even tend to overlook some of the beautiful parts of it.

That’s why it’s important not to lose one self amidst everyone and everything. That feeling of suffocation, suppressing what you really feel can damage who you are. Believe me, we learn to hide things, put on a face for the world and beneath it all, we are broken and shattered. 

When this builds up inside of you, part of you dies. You don’t even have the will to be happy anymore, there’s no light at the end of the tunnel. You just go through the motions of everyday life like a robot without a purpose.

I myself, have fallen prey to this many times and I often lash out. I snap at the smallest things, I get depressed very quickly. I feel like I’m sinking and there’s no way out. I begin to self-loathe and blame myself for the crappy way I feel inside. My hurt and disappointment is my own fault.

Let me share with you something that has worked for me. Us humans will never feel perfect 24/7, it’s just how we’re programmed but simple things can enhance the way you feel about your life.

Firstly, you need to look after you. Yes, spend some time pampering yourself, indulging in something you enjoy. Take a cooking class, get a manicure, go watch a movie, hang out with girlfriends. Just partake in something that causes you small bursts of happiness and you’ll see results in your everyday life. When you look after you as an individual person, really look into your heart and know yourself, then you are able to take care of everyone and everything around you.

The kids will seem less annoying, your petty fights with your husband or family members will seem like nonsense. There really is a certain kind of power that comes with making yourself happy so choose happy 🙂

xo Kat
email me @ for questions.

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