Turning 29 and Preschool

In the last few years, I have not made a big deal out of my own birthday. I think after having kids, I’ve focused all of my celebration energies on them. Some of my relatives and peers still make a big deal about their birthdays but for me, I calculate my life based on milestones now and not years. And I’ve hit quite a few surprising ones in the last decade. 

So this is it for the twenties, the last year that I’ll be able to say I’m in my twenties. Does it bother me much? Not really and a little. I think everyone in my age group reflects on their lives as they get older because we’re at an age where we’re still trying to add to our accomplishments, we haven’t really reached the stars as yet. So it’s good to reflect and put things into perspective as to where we’d like to see ourselves in the future.

It’s funny how at this age I still feel determined and ambitious, always dreaming, never giving up hope and kids just think thirty is super old. I often think that I haven’t accomplished much in the last decade but as I reflect on it, I didn’t do so bad. Sure there are things that I have put on hold to focus building my family but life isn’t really over until it’s over, right?

I don’t want to be super depressing in this post so I’ll just focus on a few good life changing moments that occurred in the last decade.

I’m now a mommy of two, something i didn’t think I’d ever be. I honestly did not think by thirty, I’d be happily married with two children. Yikes. I’ve also changed my country of residence, released an eBook which is probably one of my biggest dreams currently. So many life changing events occurred and I have also changed as a person. My anger and disappointment is now under control. I am super chilled and accepting of all stupidity for I choose to filter it out and focus on positivity. 

My oldest child is starting preschool in less than two months. That’s just insane. She can draw and trace letters and do all of that fun stuff. It’s just crazy how they’re so little and needy one minute and the next their creativity has gone through the roof. It’s pretty exciting minus the messy house and loud noises.

Let me know how you feel about approaching the big 3-0.

xo Kat

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