Dog Sh*t In The City (Mom Rant)

If you live in a city setting where a lot of pet owners don’t adhere to the rules, you’re going to one day step in or roll your stroller straight over dog poo.

Always pushing a stroller in one hand, and holding another kid’s hand in the other, I don’t always remember to turn on my dog sh*t radar. Every morning as I walk my preschooler to school, we meet and greet piles of dog sh*t on our way. It’s genuinely one of the most disgusting things you can lay eye on early morning when you’re hustling to take your kid to school before 9am.

City livers know that everything is practically crammed together, and there’s not much of a sidewalk. Houses, apartment buildings and business are an arms length away and the sidewalks are always filled with people, and children. Why won’t you just pick your pet’s poo up, how hard is it?

Despite there being signs about getting fined for leaving dog sh*t on the sidewalk, people choose to ignore it. Now I am a huge pet lover. I’ve owned many cats and one dog in my pet owning life, therefore I know how inconvenient it is to always maintain your let in the proper way…but that shouldn’t stop you. It’s not like I forget to change my baby’s diaper because I’m not in the mood too. If you’re going to own a pet, please take care of a pet in the proper way and pick it’s poo up.

Double check yourself, if you can’t maintain owning a pet in a city area. Seriously!

I get that using a plastic bag may be disgusting to many people, but there are things called pooper scoopers. As a concerned parent who lives in constant fear of losing one of her kids in a big ole pile of dog sh*t on our way to school, I ask of you to please pick up your dog sh*t.

xo Kat

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