My “Brown Skin” Hospital Story

We live among more racist people than we’d like to believe and people are more racist than they let on.

I call these people silent racists.

Who are silent racists? I’ll detail my opinions in another post but the shorter version…well it’s people who appear to be accepting of all but they’re not really.

This story is not really racist story, it’s more of a racial profiling one.

So last year when I was just entering my third trimester, could’ve been between six or seven months pregnant, I had a bad tummy ache. The baby was moving strange inside of me and with every movement came excruciating pain. I thought I was going into labor. The pain was so intense I cried for two hours, then it hit me, this might be heartburn as the pain didn’t move to my lower abdomen.

I have really bad reflux and I have to stay away from a lot of foods, beautiful banana included. My body doesn’t process things the way it did a decade a go.(I’m almost 30)
I’m also diabetic so I don’t have a very unhealthy way of eating, lets put it like that.

So when my husband came home to stay with my older kid(2 years old at that time), I took an uber and went to the hospital. Being a pregnant woman, they sent me directly to labor and delivery emergency section. Up until this point I was still experiencing sharp pains.

So I got into their hospital gown, took vitals and told the doctor everything I needed to. I even took my diabetic medication and prenatal vitamins in the event they were causing something. I specifically told the doctor that I needed to see if all was okay with the baby and I mentioned my reflux problem. This doctor was a young doctor, part of someone’s team maybe and he was also brown.(just thought I’d insert that)

Nevertheless he wasn’t the “big” doctor. When she rolled in he told her everything, showed her my meds etc etc. From the time he mentioned the word reflux, she nodded and smiled then looked at me and asked me what I ate. So I answered noodles, which do have oil but it was one of the things that actually stayed down during my pregnancy. Being diabetic, I did NOT have a normal sized portion, just enough not to let my blood sugars drop.

So at that time she started nodding and telling me about the indian food that I eat. Without listening to what I was saying about my reflux problem and my diabetic problem, she went off on the spicy Indian food that I eat and the table cream we use in the food. I was racially profiled because of my brown skin. I was not born in India and my diet does not consist of anything Indian.

When I told her that I don’t eat Indian food, she looked at me and laughed in her non-American accent. “You’re Indian and you don’t eat Indian food? HA HA HA”
I missed the part where Indians can’t have a different diet other than their own and I also missed the part where this woman who appeared to be so informed about my life got her information from.

Just because I am brown, does not mean I was born in India and I continuously eat foods that make me end up in the hospital with reflux. And by the way, this wasn’t the first time that I ended up in the hospital with reflux. So my diagnosis was being brown and eating brown people food, no mention of a medication was made in my presence. I was given a consolation ultrasound because I insisted on knowing if all was well with the baby and then I was discharged.

When I asked the young doctor about what I should take for the refux, he didn’t know what to say really. I had to ask him if I should take what I usually take and he kinda went along with it.

And that folks was my brown skin hospital story.

Disclaimer: This is a part of storytime. It’s not meant to have a proper conclusion.

xo Kat

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