Stress Managing Techniques

Stay away from caffeine and nicotine??? Ummm…I think not! We’re all stressed aren’t we? And we all have different coping mechanisms, some unhealthier than others. I for one do indulge in a nicotine stick sometimes. What I’ve noticed a lot when dealing with stress is you really have to deal with it. I won’t waste your time breaking down all the different stressful situations we have to deal with or using a statistical approach to say who is more stressed than who. Stress is stress, right?

I am mostly stressed because I am overwhelmed and I feel like things keep piling on me and I can’t get enough done. I also feel other kinds of stress like emotional, financial, it’s all in there and here’s my little techniques.

Sleep. Getting adequate sleep is essential for functioning. This year I’ll be thirty and like I always never fail to mention, I have two small children so I’m definitely understanding why sleep is so important. When I’m well rested, I feel like even in a busy day I can handle things better and get things done in a calm fashion.

Physical Activity. Physical activity whether it may be walking or yoga or something more strenuous releases endorphins, that happy hormone. Exercise is both beneficial to you physically and mentally and helps lower stress levels. Bear in mind that physical activity can be something very simple, like doing chores around your house, talking a walk in the park. You don’t have to join a gym and spend an excess amount of money to be physically active.

Remember who’s holding the wheel. You’re basically in control of your life. It’s a given there will be factors beyond your control and that I’d talk about in another point but the reins are in your hands. You can dictate how you want to do things and when you want to do things. Always remember that and utilize it.

Eat well-balanced meals. This is something we all take for granted and during our busy life we grab a coffee or a granola bar here and there without really putting any thought into how the nutrients from food can affect our energy and stress levels. Make sure to add in some protein and eat nuts in between meals to feel full and give yourself a burst of energy during the day. Energy boosts your competency during the day and will help you to better manage tasks.

Organization. I still use a daily planner…yes, one of those ones that you write in. I can’t seem to stay on track with electronic planners and apps. Pen and paper usually does the trick for me. Whatever way suits you best, sit down and plan your tasks, your errands, your study schedule etc. Keeping track of where you need to be and when you need to be there helps you stay organized. Now don’t forget to actually complete those tasks!

Relax. This is key! Unfortunately I can’t afford lavish vacations and what not but I do take intervals and read, most of the time just before bed. And some days I just leave the house in a mess. Tomorrow is another day, treat it as such. You need to relax and bask in your own thoughts.

Be proud of your progress. Do the best that you can and try not to be perfect. However little you accomplish, you are one step closer to achieving your goals.

Laugh. I think I wasted enough of my life not laughing so I do enjoy a bellyful daily. Even though it doesn’t take away the actual stress, it’s a diversion and in some cases a diversion is better than dwelling on the problem for long periods of time.

Maintain a positive attitude. Sometimes you just have to be optimistic because there is no other choice. You’re at rock bottom and the only way is up. Thinking of a positive outcome not only lowers your stress but gives you something to look forward to.

Acceptance. This goes hand in hand with some of the above mentioned points. Sometimes there’s really nothing you can do about the situation so it’s better to accept it and try to move on.

Hobbies. I love reading and writing and I drown myself in it because it helps me cope with my shortcomings and daily stresses. You don’t have to be as boring as me but having a hobby helps you pass time, enjoy something and look forward to something. It helps you feel better about yourself.

Talk to someone. It’s hard for me personally to really open my heart and soul to another human being but it does help to let it all out. Talk to a friend or a relative or seek professional help.


xo Coffee Doll


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