All Work and No Pay

Placeholder ImagePeople that know me look confused when I say that I have work to do. Well, it’s because I don’t actually have a paying job. It’s bizarre to some people why I would invest my time, sweat and tears into something I’m not being paid for. Do I wish to be paid for it? Yes, maybe. Does it need to impact my creativity? Absolutely not.

The thing that I’m talking about is writing but there are many creative people whether it be artists, musicians, cooks that aren’t making money where their skill set lies. I truly believe what drives creativity is something that comes from deep within, that no matter what you’re doing or what people tell you to do, you cannot shut the lid on your creative aspect.

Personally I do it because I love to do it and it’s a dream of mine to put out some completed work. Maybe see it on a shelf one day? Wishful thinking I know. But it’s really the journey of doing something you were born to do that keeps people going.

Many people became famous long after they were dead. Not everyone generates a whopping income at the end of the month doing what it is they love. And that’s okay. I believe that creativity comes from a place where there are no boundaries or limitations. One can truly set free and reach unimaginable lengths.

Writing is an escape for me. I delve into different worlds and carve a variety of characters and it’s empowering. It’s liberating to be the author of the story that you want to tell. It can go anywhere you want it to. And that’s something I can’t ever experience in a nine to five job unless it revolves around writing. I’ve never been so fortunate to have a job like that so I’ll settle for this unpaid one for  a little longer.

I’m not saying there aren’t avenues to sell your writing or paintings or whatever it is you do but money can’t be the only driving force. The moment you let making money become a factor, it becomes strenuous on your creativity. And don’t think this hasn’t happened to me. I’ve spoken on rushed kindle books and how it impacted my process of writing.

It’s not about setting unrealistic goals for yourself. It’s about finding who you are and what you were truly meant to do. What excites you, what contents you, what motivates you. And just do it. Do it with diligence, let it come from an honest place and you have to believe that you will succeed.

xo Coffee Doll

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