Book Review: Room by Emma Donoghue

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I enjoyed this book, it was written very nicely and narrated from a 5 year oldโ€™s point of view. It was not too long with details that can bore you to death. I find myself preferring standalone short novels these days. Overall I would give this book a five, I have no complaints about the story or characters. No one annoyed me ๐Ÿ™‚
If you donโ€™t mind spoilers, keep reading!

This novel is about a woman in her mid-twenties who was kidnapped at 19 by this old creeper. He kept her in this sound proof, well insulated shed which was called โ€œRoomโ€ in his backyard. The novel is narrated by the womanโ€™s five year old son whom she gave birth to in the Room. He has never been or seen outside of this Room so he believes the Room is the entire world. Through his view we see how theyโ€ฆ

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