An Excerpt from Trapped: A Zombie Short Story/1

This is a short story that I started working on sometime in 2016…I haven’t completed it as yet but I thought I’d share a slice of it.


I felt a pang of guilt as I wished death upon my father. What kind of a son does that? But then again, this world wasn’t a world anymore. It was a graveyard of roaming monsters controlled by an unseen force. I kept my eyes closed and prayed that Alex had kept himself locked in the attic. Instinct kicked in and I forged a plan in my head. We would wait this out, until our parents were nothing but a pile of bloody bones and then we would run, as far as our legs could take us. If Alex hadn’t kept his mouth shut, I hoped with all my might that he would’ve gone quickly. It’s not the death that scared us. It was the pain of it.


xo Coffee Doll

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