Finding Motivation

impossible-701686_1280Some days finding motivation can seem like looking for a needle in a haystack. When you’re exhausted, overwhelmed and just hopeless, it’s hard to be a go-getter. There are intervals in my life where I am like this. I lose all sense of capability and start procrastinating. More than that, I forget my real vision.

In the last few days I felt like I’ve been dragging my feet around, my mind is jumbled and I just don’t have the zeal to get any work done. I just want to curl up in a nice warm blanket and sleep. But even I don’t sleep that much so I’m left with a lot of time just staring and thinking, my thoughts pounding on my brain like a dreadful migraine.

This is a phase we deal with at regular intervals in life, here’s how I manage it…

Adequate Rest. Like any good thing, motivating yourself starts with physical health. Sufficient amount of sleep can gear your mind towards productivity.

Coffee. Don’t worry the rest of the post makes sense. I just needed to plug the importance of coffee 🙂

Set Smaller Goals. When you are doing everything and anything, it eventually gets overwhelming. Step back, and focus on one goal at a time.

Don’t Rush Things. When you can’t see the end product happening anytime soon, you tend to rush yourself. Slow down, reevaluate and complete smaller goals that’ll eventually lead to the big one.

Take a Break. To avoid a lengthy procrastination period, take a small break sometimes.

Be Proud of Yourself. It’s okay if you’re not moving at everyone else’s pace. Give yourself some credit for actually making progress.

Be enthusiastic. This is very important. You can’t make progress if you’re not in the least bit excited to do what you’re doing. This is really what motivation is. It’s a driving force. It helps if you’re passionate about where you want to be. Use that driving force to enhance your work.

Proper planning. How often have we gotten an idea and fallen completely in love with it and we just roll with it the next day and it doesn’t pan out the way we expect it too? This happens to me with writing. Properly plan out your tasks and goals so that when you execute, you’re not just guessing.

Focus on your vision. When you’re overwhelmed by tiresome goals, always remind yourself of the bigger picture, the “why” you started and the “where” you’d like to be. Remember the vision you had for yourself or what you set out to do and never let that candle burn out. It’s hard but it’s never impossible.

Don’t give up. When the going gets tough, don’t ever give up. Stick with it, keep working towards that goal. The end product may seem far fetched but if you stop now, you just may never get there.

Inspiration. Something that helps me a lot when I set out to do something is to read a lot or watch videos on the topic. Inspire yourself by using tools that can enhance your knowledge of what you set out to do.

Support system. I personally do not have a support system. My kids and husband don’t understand when I ramble on and I don’t share that closeness with many people but it does help to talk things through. It opens up a way to get advice, acknowledgement. I don’t believe in others’ validation but something I’ve learned is we’re all humans and it works for other people. It really does so if it works for you, talk to people.

Filter negative thoughts. When you think about who is progressing faster than you or maybe you’re not good enough it plants a dark seed within you and it eventually grows until you can’t believe in yourself anymore. So out with the negative and lay down some positive thinking.

Acceptance. And finally, you have to accept that your motivational levels will drop at times. It’s not something that stays consistent throughout your life. Things happen, goals change, you’re dealing with a lot in your life and you won’t always be motivated and that’s okay. You’re not alone. People don’t always have it together even though it seems that way. Once you’ve accept that maybe today is not as motivating as yesterday, it’ll be easier not to give up and let those negative thoughts in. There’s always an approach even for the worse day but you have to possess the will power to get up and get.

xo Coffee Doll




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