An Excerpt from Trapped:A Zombie Short Story/2

Another copy and paste from an unfinished story…thought I’d share since it was just sitting there in my archives…

xo Coffee Doll


I heard the sounds of shuffled footsteps and loud thuds outside the door. My hair plastered to my forehead with perspiration. The back of my t-shirt, wet, clinging to my body and my fear increasing as the sounds grew closer. What was it that I was so afraid of? My parents had managed to protect me and my brother from these monsters for nearly two months, they would succeed today too. In that moment, I was certain that I would walk out of this closet alive. It felt like I had been standing in there for hours.

I closed my eyes when I smelled my mother’s faint perfume scent on her clothes. I was standing so tight among the clothes, my sweat had begun to drench through a few of my mother’s blouses.

I opened my eyes. There was a bang on the door. I realized I was also scared of not being able to defend myself. I had never even hit a monster before, let alone kill it. Some people called them zombies, but I always thought zombies were decaying dead people. These stone colored monsters were far from dead in my opinion. Being a few feet away from them, inhaling their stench, they felt very much alive.



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