What Irks Me About Beta Reading

As an avid reader of Kindle Books, I always leave honest reviews whether they’re good or bad. If you do this, you’ll find that quite often you find an e-mail or two in your inbox requesting you to read a book in exchange for a review. Now I have no problems with this marketing tactic. Self published authors need to get their books out there, don’t they? So it’s not in the least bit annoying to me.

I’m actually excited to receive free material to read. Having a variety of options is crucial for me, because I read different genres based on the mood that I’m in. What irks me is when you get this long e-mail detailing the book and it’s genre and how your reviews on Amazon made them select you to read their book, and then it’s not free.

The author will give you the impression that they’re sending you a free copy of their book and then you see a link provided, thinking….uh…well okay, maybe it’s a promotion day and it’s free so let’s click this link. Then you click the link and realize that the book is not free or on sale, and you have to purchase a book that probably won’t even be your first choice, and read it, and review it, because the author asked you to. Now I have some issues with this strategy. And one other thing that I got hit with in the past is being offered a code to get the book free and it didn’t work.

I have self-published a couple books with amazon kindle and I ran promotions. I’ve since taken down a few for revision, and I’ve never asked anyone to read my book via email because I myself didn’t think it was that good. But that’s not the point. The point is, as a self published author, who doesn’t have a name in the writing world and very much avenues of promoting my book in a way that people will rush to buy, I understood that I needed to give away a lot of my work. The best way to gain exposure is to literally give your work away. This is just something that happens when’re you’re self published and not picked up by an agency. It’s part of the game.

I’m not saying that I completely hate paying for a book but the manner in which I’m approached, it just really gets on my nerves. The author and I e-mail back and forth a few times then I realize that they’re not going to send that .mobi file. So then what’s the point of offering your book for free in the first place? And I’m pretty sure if you e-mail a hundred people, the entire hundred won’t even respond. So when you’re sort of begging someone to read your book and hopefully like it so much to leave a good review…please have a digital copy on hand that you can e-mail the person. It is a bit of inconvenience when you send someone the link of your book and it’s not even free when they were promised a free copy. Earlier this evening I was promised a book, I asked for a .mobi copy of it, I was then promised that copy then emailed again to let me know that a promotion would be running tomorrow so I can pick up the free copy then. I don’t know, maybe it’s just me. But it’s bad marketing…


xo Coffee Doll



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