Book Review:The Lunar Chronicles Pt 1

I’ll label this part one since I’ve not read past book two in this series. Sometime last year I read Cinder, the first book in this series and it did not find favor with me at all. The story of a cyborg in a Cinderella role with a modern take is very interesting. Those elements of the story were good but I found it very predictable and the main character very depressing. At the end of book one I was still a little confused as to what the Lunar people are and why they have a strained relationship with Earth. It cleared in book two but it took me half a year to garner the energy to even start book two.

Cinder’s encounters with Prince Kaito was downright annoying. I could not handle that much low self esteem in a protagonist. It was too damsel-in-distress cliche. Book one wrapped up with a cliff hangar of course and not to give any spoilers away, basically there was an evil step mother, step sisters, a Prince and the one character that I loved the most, Iko the Android.

Onto book two which I enjoyed very much. I rated this a four on goodreads. Not that it didn’t deserve a five but I rate books very tough. This one was a page turner and Cinder was less annoying in this one. She actually shared some nice humor with a new character, Captain Thorne. This book was mainly told from Scarlet’s and Wolf’s POV which I guess is taken from Little Red Riding Hood. The fact that there were multiple POVs, kept the momentum up compared to the first book where I really tried to turn the page.

So Scarlet’s grandmother goes missing, and she encounters this loner tough guy named Wolf. Meanwhile, Cinder has escaped from a prison where she was sentenced to be taken back to Lunar and be executed, with a fellow prisoner Thorne. On Thorne’s stolen ship, they make a getaway. I probably should not say anything else at this point as it’d probably be a spoiler.

xo Coffee Doll


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