They Discontinued My Glucose Monitor

A lot of people use the glucose meters that their insurance covers, however, I have bought all of the meters that I own and continue to buy lancets and test strips. I’ve gone through quite a number of them and I do have to say, I have favorites. There’s a number of factors that come into play when I decide to purchase a glucose meter. That being: Price, quality, accuracy and availability. My current meter has been discontinued so you could imagine I’m out of sorts at the moment looking at reviews and videos online trying to decide which I should go with.

OneTouch was my first machine, those little ones that come in different colors. Of course I was a brand new diabetic and being a gal, I wanted the pink one. It was definitely one of the more expensive options and it’s strips cost an arm an a leg. When you’re diabetic, you have to test a few times daily and it becomes costly so I needed to find another option.

AccuChek was the second one I bought and it confused the heck out of me. Not only was it a costly buy but there’s different types of Accuchek meters, which I didn’t know at the time. I think I paid about twenty dollars for a box of the unique lancets which could only be used with a particular Accuchek machine and it was the wrong set. I wasn’t about to pay to return this wrong box of lancets but I quickly decided I needed to change meters. I needed something simple that could be used with the standard type lancets which are available at all times.

The third and final one I’ve been using for years is the TrueResult glucose meter. Reasons why I fell in love with it? Not only was it cheaper and made it economically possible for me to test my blood sugar daily, the pricks didn’t hurt my fingers and a very minute amount of blood was needed for a reading. I know what you’re thinking, cheaper may not always be the best but the reviews were great and I even tried it out side by side with my Accuchek and it seemed pretty accurate.

Well now I’m back to square one searching for a cost-effective meter so if you have any suggestions please drop them in the comments. Another issue I have with availability is that it needs to be available for purchase online. Strips at the actual stores are doubled in price!

xo Coffee Doll

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