Choosing a major/career

Do any of us ever know what we really want to be when we grow up? Some people are dead on sure and they stick through their plan from elementary to college but it doesn’t work so progressively for everyone. I for one, wanted to be many things, the earliest being an archeologist and later on being a script writer or movie director. I had some pretty unrealistic dreams as a child that I realized could never happen as resources were limited and there was a one in a million chance that I’d be successful at any of it.

When I was at the stage in high school where you choose subjects based on what type of career route you plan to take, I chose the businesses. I studied accounting, business management, office procedures and social studies among others. Did the field excite me or interest me at fourteen years old? No it didn’t. I chose based on the advice from people around me and I believed it was the right decision to make. I wanted nothing to do with sciences and I dropped my one science subject and I didn’t take art. I rarely have regrets but it’s something I would go back and change if given the chance.

Most of my career choices were made based on people’s advice, being pressured into it and the hype surrounding it. I eventually did Marketing and Information Technology and my heart was neither here or there for either of it. One of the earliest dreams I had that stayed with me throughout was becoming an author. I wished I had realized this as a dream, a career of choice earlier more than as a hobby I took up to escape life. I could’ve done so much more at my age instead of just starting out.

The approach that I would take today in choosing a major or career is completely different. First and foremost, do not live someone else’s dreams. Figure out what interests you or something you can see yourself doing comfortably for a long time in the future. Another factor that comes into play, and is very important is the job market. Before even thinking about annual salary, make sure it’s a field where there’s demand or some room for progress. It happens so often that people complete a degree then land up doing something totally unrelated to their field of training because jobs are hard to acquire. I’d also take a year off after high school and really think about it. Get an entry job after high school, give yourself a taste of the working world…how to deal with people, how to take instructions from management and then really decide. To seek the most out of your potential, choose your major/career wisely and not because someone said so.

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