Why I Hate Giving Presents

I really hate giving gifts…no I despise giving gifts. It stresses me out to no end and it’s not because I don’t know how to think unique or read a person well enough to know what they’d like, it’s because the receiving parties can be somewhat of a b*tch. This has literally been my experience most of my life from my prepubescent period well into adulthood.

Doing gift exchanges at school were horrible because kids are mean and didn’t hold back when it came to insulting you. Not that they bought better gifts but they weren’t taught to appreciate and be grateful when receiving something. I however would’ve gotten a book on my head if I had shown any facial expressions that betrayed my gratitude when I received a gift. It’s just how I was raised.

I’d simply like to advise anyone who has a hard time giving gifts to difficult people to just not buy anything at all. A better option to go with is a bottle of wine around the holidays(if you do drink, I don’t) or something baked, or a board game for the entire family. Hell for birthdays give ’em a darn card. You might think me crass but I have good reason. I still do try to give gifts but it wrecks on my nerve thinking of how the person will receive it.

My reasons to hold this anti-gift giving campaign are shared below.

  1. Some people are just critical of everything. Even if they loved the gift, they don’t want to seem too enthusiastic so they’ll knock it a little bit. I am yet to understand everything about the way a human mind processes things.
  2. My gift didn’t cost enough. When I was in high school obviously I didn’t have a job and in the nineties and early 2000s things didn’t cost a lot so my allowance was near nil. They used to have these $10-$20 stores that sold a variety of gift items so I utilized what little I had tried to buy something small for everyone and by everyone I mean my closest family. I think that year, one cousin along with my siblings had something to say about the cost of their gifts. One gift even got left in my house because the person really didn’t care for it, or for my feelings. In my mid-teens it soiled whatever zeal I had for giving gifts out of the goodness of my heart.
  3. My gift wasn’t cool enough. Well obviously if you’re not super close to someone, you won’t know how to personalize a gift so you’ll generalize it. For example, socks or perfume. Well I saw the message loud and clear on their faces so I crossed them off my list. 🙂
  4. One gift isn’t enough. That sentence speaks for itself.
  5. My gift was given away. Can I just say that this happened more than once? Yes, it did. A decade and a half ago, I tried to save up to buy a silver bracelet for my friend. I wasn’t working and it was indeed difficult to ask my parents for it. I was excited that for the first time I was buying jewelry for someone and a bit costly so maybe they’d appreciate it. Well I was met by a nonchalant demeanor. The person wasn’t in the least bit enthusiastic or grateful. They just acted like they were too cool to receive a gift…..a gift that was hard to afford. A few weeks later, I saw my friend’s brother wearing it. Imagine my teenage heart being crushed!

Some people have a difficult time showing appreciation and gratitude as they feel it will make them somewhat less strong. I’ve also observed that some people wield large quantities of pride, and sometimes their ago might get in the way. All of this affects the way a person responds to receiving anything, not just presents but help or advice.

Thank you for reading!

xo Coffee Doll.

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