Fifty Shades Darker Movie Review

It took me over a year to actually look at the first movie, that’s how not excited I was by this franchise. Jamie Dornan made a fine Christian Grey but I wasn’t too enthusiastic on the other casting. I read the book a long time ago so I’ve definitely forgotten all of the details. I drew the parallels to The Twilight Saga before I even realized this series was based on it and started out as fan-fiction. Fifty Shades is meant to be a romance told in its own way and I can respect that as an individual who appreciates writing as an intense art form. That being said, this was no literary piece of work.

I’m not going to focus on summarizing the movie or the books but I do have my own opinions on the trilogy that I haven’t shared anywhere before. Facebook is so controversial these days. Most people think it’s about abuse and rape. Now Christian’s and Ana’s relationship is no perfect example of how a relationship should be. I myself wouldn’t want to be in such a union, however, it’s a book. It is just a book…just a story. No need to get worked up when there’s worse things written and portrayed out there. I myself looked at the movies because of Jamie Dornan…I’ve liked the actor ever since I saw him as Sheriff Graham in Once Upon A Time TV Series.

My actual take on this second movie is that I don’t have one. Just putting it out there I looked at a censored version of it, so no I was not there for the steamy scenes. (LOL) The first movie, boy meets girl, boy likes girl, girls likes boy then we find out boy has a problem and girl can’t be in such a relationship then it ends because it’s a trilogy. All this time I thought, well maybe the series has something to carry it to the heights of which it went. Until I saw Fifty Shades Darker. I’m still at a lost as to what the plot was. It feels dragged out. Not a strong enough story that it needs to be split into three books. Ana is bland and boring. There really is nothing about her specifically that’s suppose to drive Christian Grey to change, other than the fact that he wanted to control her from day one. I felt like if the female lead was thought out differently, it could’ve be more convincing. The fact that he owns everything in the books turns me of to no end…when would someone write about a poor guy that a woman falls head over heels with?

As usual I have to remind my readers that this is just my opinion not a verdict on any author or director. It’s an entertaining series on days when you don’t feel like focusing on an intense piece of literary work but it’s not something that I would re-read either.

Thanks for reading! xo Coffee Doll

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