The Choice|A Vampire Short Story

She couldn’t be like her father. No, she wouldn’t be like her father.

She stared at the man who had stolen her heart from afar. She couldn’t bear the thought of Garth dying an old man, alone in his bed. Perhaps he’d have a family who’d look over his dying body with sorrow and regret as they prayed their last goodbyes.

Alva turned her face with disgust, at the thought of her love dying, at herself for becoming like the one person she loathed. Her father.

He created the monstrosity that she had become. The scent of blood drove her wild, the taste of it intoxicating and empowering. For centuries she hadn’t felt what it was like to be human, until Garth. He filled her with possessiveness and longing. It was a maddening feeling to have a mere human ignite woes of passion and fulfillment in a heart that was dead for three hundred years.

Balder Carr was cursed on the mountains of Eravar three hundred years ago. An abusive husband that eventually drove her mother to suicide, leaving her sweet babe in the arms of a ruthless man. Alva had thought it a gift from the gods when she was eighteen years old and he was dragged off by vicious animals in the night, leaving her cold and alone in the structure she knew as heimisgarðar.

But Balder returned a few days later to claim what was his. Her.

He had changed, but not by so much. He returned alive and stood robustly in the doorway. On his face a hunger she had never seen before. He was coming for her. Her body froze on the straw bed she had slept in since she was a child.

He pounced on her like the animals that had dragged him out of his bed in the night. Animals that stood like men with long teeth and cold hard faces.

He smelled of wet earth, of death when he pinned her down with the burliness of his body.

When her own flesh and blood sunk his teeth into her swollen veins, the heavens opened up in the sky and Alva saw all of creation. She barely gave a fight. Her pupils whitened and her body lay limp and she couldn’t move.

As she lay in a confused state of mind, she heard the voice of Balder loud and clear as if it were inside her own head.

“I will not live all of eternity without the only thing I love.”

Love? Balder Carr was a madman if he thought he loved her, if he thought he had a trace of fatherhood in him. Balder always believed he rightfully took whatever he took from her. Her laughter, her peace, her innocence. And now he drained the last drop of blood from her body as he waited for her rebirth.

Love. She never believed she meant anything to Balder Carr but now she wasn’t so sure as she stared at Garth from a distance.

His laughter reverberated in her ear. She was so connected to him that she felt his every movement with her heightened senses. And then she knew in her heart that Garth Collins had to become like her. She couldn’t bear eternity without him.

© Coffee Doll. All rights reserved.


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