How to reach your reading goals

Time is never on our sides as we get older and if you’re a reader like myself, you sometimes feel a little stressed that you’re not getting enough done. A lot of people I spoke to can’t imagine adding reading to their already busy lives but it’s how I survive, escaping this world into another world. I’d simply wither away without feeding my brain the words that roll of off pages.

If you’re not a reader, I’m not sure how my post will help you but if you are a reader and would like to read more, keep reading…

You don’t have to speed read.

Nope. You don’t have to read faster to become a better reader or to challenge yourself. I will share how you can achieve your goals without be stressful about reading. Nourishing your imagination with pages is a beautiful thing and it’s meant to be enjoyed.

Set a reading time.

By reading time I don’t mean a reading schedule. If you have a demanding career or studies and/or children it’s impossible to say something like you’ll read fifty pages a day. If you want to set that goal for yourself, it’s fine…as long as you don’t feel pressured. I can assure you that some days you’ll barely get through a few pages, then other’s you’ll most likely finish a portion of the book.

You can set a reading time for yourself when you’re most focused. Some people like the mornings, some prefer their lunch break and I personally prefer at night. It helps me wind down after a tiresome and hectic day, although I’m one of those that lugs a kindle everywhere and use it.

Make it a part of your daily routine.

Incorporating reading time in your daily routine can help you get a little done each day instead of frustrating yourself with cramming an entire book in one sitting. Although it’s traumatic when we want to know what happens next and our eyes are deceiving us.

No social media.

I can’t tell you how much the internet ruins productivity for me. Whenever I sit to read or write, I’m always distracted by a notification or a quick thought to google something becomes two hours of me watching random people talk about their lives on Youtube. I invested in a Kindle because of this reason but you don’t have to. Just exercise the will power to block out all social media during your reading time. Silence those phones.

Choose interesting reading material.

Sometimes I pick up a book because there is a huge hype about it, especially on Booktube. In most instances, I don’t enjoy the book and end up putting it down halfway feeling like I’ve wasted good time. When you stick to material that interests you whether it be biographies, self-help, fantasy, romance etc. you tend to engage in what you read better, hence you read more.

These are the few things that works to help me keep focused on reaching my yearly reading goals. If you don’t already have a structure for reading try it and let me know in the comments if it worked for you. Thanks for reading! xo Coffee Doll

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