American Honey|Movie Review

To give a brief recap, the movie is about a teenage girl who is running from a life of abuse and poverty and she picks up with this group of people who drive around selling magazines. First off, I have never heard of magazine crews before and I don’t see how they would make a living off it but the movie shows the different scenarios the group makes up out of nowhere to get buyers to feel sorry for them.

The movie basically follows Star, an eighteen year old and it portrays a lost young generation ridden by poverty and lack of opportunities. It was a real, raw grasping of what one would do when standing in the middle of a shit storm. It was a bit of a long movie at a little over two and a half hours and at the end, you take away a realization that happily ever afters don’t always exist or it depends on your perception of it.

If you’re looking for a deep film told mostly by the expressions of the characters be sure to check this one out.


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