I’d Like To Get A Pet but…

As someone who has owned pets most of her life, getting a pet now seems far-fetched. Pets require a lot of maintenance, attention and love…basically they’re a lot of work. It’s like having another child. I’m probably giving the impression that I’m anti-pet but the truth is, I’m not one of those people who can half-ass it when it comes to a pet. Like I said, a pet is like having another child and if I can’t manage being a pet owner to the fullest of my ability, I prefer not have one while my insides tear apart when I see our four-legged friends in the street.

If you are considering getting a pet and you have children like I do maybe my points will create some insights for you. I’m sure no pet loving individual would like to acquire a pet only to be overwhelmed and have to give it up.


Pets require a lot of care besides feeding. Dogs needs to be walked, cat boxes need to be cleaned, bird cages and fish bowls needs to be kept tidy etc. Kudos to people who do it but my two tiny humans create enough disaster for me all by 9a.m. I couldn’t fathom adding an extra thing to do after my daily tasks are completed.


If you don’t have adequate space for a pet you might not want to consider owning one. Pets need to move around in their living area comfortably. Bear in mind the dropping temperatures and weather during the winter months. I often wonder how dogs do their business when there’s a blizzard.

Allergies & Kids

When you have children, you not only have to think about allergies but you have to think about what your children may or may not do. For instance my toddler would probably knock over a fish bowl when I wasn’t looking or let a bird out of its cage. She may not even be gentle with a larger pet so to own a pet with smaller children is definitely something worth consideration. (Disclaimer: This entire article applies to people who are now contemplating owning a pet not previous pet owners with children TY)

The Cost Factor

Something to also keep in mind are pet food, supplies and vet visits which are far from cheap. If you aren’t prepared for an extra bill each month, then please do think long and hard about being a pet owner.

If you are debating whether or not to get a pet, please know that the benefits outweigh the negatives although the negatives are ones to be carefully considered. Unfortunately when I moved, I had to leave my dog with my parents but I can honestly say he was my best friend, a protector, a stress reliever, a little thing that made my heart smile. Pets can assist you with exercise or daily routine. They provide the best companionship and are very calming. Something about owning a pet touches your insides.

xo Coffee Doll

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