May Movie Binge|Movie Talks

It’s been a while and by a while I mean years that I have not movie binged. Not only don’t I have that luxury time but in my free time I prefer to read or work on writing. More often that not I’d start a movie and just leave it ten minutes through then never return to it. Most of the time I’m so focused on whatever I’m writing that enjoying anything else just isn’t in the cards.

But lately, I have been having these lazy days. Like last weekend me and the kids were just home, huddled inside in the warmth. These past few weekends were rainy and chilly. All that is suppose to go away in a short while and then comes the humidity and frizzy hair….wait was I saying again? Oh right, movies!

So we’re not even at the half mark of the month of May and I have watched seven movies so far. Whaaaaaaat! That’s a lot for me. That’s more than I watch in six months usually. I’m so behind though, I have not seen movies released in 2012. I pick and choose though, I’m not a watcher of things like I’m a reader of things.

Here’s what I’ve looked at so far…

  1. The Magic Mikes! Magic Mike & Magic Mike XXL – Don’t even ask! Well if you must know πŸ™‚ I kept seeing it all over facebook and then there was a dance thing on Ellen so I’ve always mentally listed the movies on my to be watched list. Channing and Mike Bomer are not hard on the eyes either.
  2. The Boss – Β I absolutely loveee Melissa Mc Carthy. I was a really big fan of Mike and Molly. She is just too awesome and funny and beautiful. I’d watch anything with her. The Heat in which she shared screen space with Sandra Bullock was a good one too.
  3. Bad Mom’s – This movie was written for me, I Β believe it. You just want to un-mom for a moment, don’t you? All jokes aside, I like the cast and their humor so I quite enjoyed this one. Was there supposed to be a part two? I hope!
  4. Light’s Out – Ooooh! I loved this hard as a horror movie. Because most horror movies have a good build up but lame climax. This one was good.
  5. Don’t Breathe – This one was another good one on the bone chilling scale. Quite enjoyed it as well. It’d be nice to see a sequel. I won’t tell you why because I don’t want to spoil it. Go watch it.
  6. Moana – Oops but I didn’t finish watch Moana yet. Something happened and me and the kids couldn’t finish it the other day but we’re planning too. The soundtrack so far is amazing though.

Leave me some scary movie suggestions in the comments….I’m in that zone these days. What did you enjoy recently?

xo Coffee Doll

4 thoughts on “May Movie Binge|Movie Talks

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    Another great post! Please come over and follow my new site.

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      • Brittanie May 17, 2017 / 3:31 am

        No problem! Please try it now and let me know if it still is not working. I have been having some problems with it.


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