TV Shows Based on Awesome Books!

I thought I’d do something different this month in place of an August TBR post. I don’t always watch TV but when I do, I binge like it’s nobody’s business. As a lover of all things storytelling, I get attached to TV Series and it’s characters. Can you tell I don’t get out much? πŸ™‚
Currently running, Zoo is in its third season. Yay! It’s on the summer season schedule but I believe you can find it on Netflix. Like many other shows of an apocalyptic nature, Zoo definitely stands out. No zombies, no other worldly creature take over…it’s our very own fauna that’s doing the damage. Basically the animals start going a little crazy, attacking people, escaping Zoos and it’s up to Jackson Oz and his team to figure out why all of this is taking place. I really enjoy the scientific make up of this show as well. 

Game of Thrones

Well who doesn’t know about these books or the tv show. To give a brief recap, it’s based on a nasty game of politics, war and birthrights. 

The Walking Dead

Can I just say? A comic book IS a book!!! I’m guessing I don’t have to elaborate on this one πŸ™‚

Queen of the South (La Reina del Sur)

This show follows Teresa Mendoza whose boyfriend gets killed and she is on the run trying to escape big wigs in the drug cartel business. She is practically thrown into the Lion’s den so to speak and it’s a whirlwind of surival, betrayal and intrigue. This one will literally have you on the edge of your seat. 

The Strain

Another apocalyptic one, the strain is based on blood sucking creatures known as Strigoi. It’s based in NYC and a brilliant minded group of individuals team up to save the day. 

Pretty Little Liars

Pretty little liars are about a group of teenaged girls who tell lies and land in trouble. The show has an intense thriller feel to it as the seasons progress. It recently wrapped up in the most satisfying way. Definitely going down in the books as one of my all time favs. 


Lucifer is not based on a book per se but the character is a part of Neil Gaiman’s comics. It’s a brilliant show, fresh and humorous and worth a mention πŸ™‚

Anne of Green Gables

I haven’t gotten the chance to finish the entire season of Anne but it’s a book that was close to my heart growing up. It’s follows Anne, an 11 year old orphaned girl who comes to live with the Cuthbert siblings after they requested a work hand. Anne is a bit impulsive, dramatic and outspoken so t makes for great television. 

There are a few more shows that’s based on books that I haven’t gotten to yet but stay tuned!

Xo Kat

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