I Applaud Young Readers

My title may mislead but I promise there’s an explanation. This thought just hit me by the way so I apologize in advance if I didn’t get my point across. So, I was born in the late eighties and I basically consider myself a 90s kid. Because that’s when I really got to come into my own interests, and my core learning. I often talk about how I developed a love of books very early on because I was gifted books all the time, libraries fascinated me, and reading/english was my favorite subject. That’s just me in a nutshell. I did go outside and play with my cousins, spend tons of time playing with toys on weekends and holidays as school nights were a no-no for TV and playing. But my parents were generous when it came to reading. It kept me up at night, woke up tired in the morning, I read during classes and I was never scolded because of it so I got swept up in books.

Now that you have a little back story, I have to mention that in the nineties in the Caribbean, there wasn’t a whole lot of TV, video games going on. Not that I didn’t have it, I did but it was monitored, much like parents nowadays will monitor their children’s device usage. But we didn’t have social media and the pressures that come with being relevant on social media. Of course, it was on a smaller scale within the classroom. But when we went home, we went home.

Reading was a an important form of entertainment in past generations as there weren’t much else to do. Think about times before TV and Video Games. Think beyond that. But there was reading.

I must say it makes me feel fuzzy inside when I see young people taken up with reading. To us bookish people, it may sound like a common thing to see but I can assure you most people I know won’t even read one book in a year. So it’s really awesome to see young readers invested in this form of escape, entertainment. Don’t you agree?

Happy Reading!

xo Kat

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