Forever Grace by Holly Hall |Book Review


Blake Kendall is haunted by a grave incident in her past. It’s hard for her to move on as she blames herself for what happened. She runs into Landon Farrar, who owns a small bookstore and donates to a different charity every month. Although Landon is cold, and makes it clear that he doesn’t do relationships, Blake can’t deny the immediate pull towards him. Deep down she wants to peel back Landon’s layers one by one to reach him, but her own demons influence her decisions.

My review:

Loved it. As much as it was a nice, progressive story with strong characters and page turning plots, the writing was also brilliant. Many authors can tell a story, but there’s a specific something about a certain storytelling that draws me into a book. I can’t fully explain it. Maybe it’s what is called the author’s voice, and I rarely ever find that in contemporary romance. Holly Hall did a great job with it and I find it hard to believe it was a debut book. Another thing I love about this book are the well written scenes, it wasn’t rushed and yet I found no boring filler content. Everything flowed beautifully.

Xo Happy Reading!

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