After the Music by Christine Feehan


Jessica is a young caretaker of 13 year old twins, Trevor and Tara. The story begins with her taking them to their father’s house to spend Christmas. Dillon, their father, hasn’t seen the children since they were 5. He was badly injured in a fire, trying to save them which left him disfigured and unable to play his guitar. Dillon now composes music for his bandmates, and is jolted by the presence of Jessica and the twins. As the story progresses, there is danger, love, redemption, and much more characters that wind into this story.

My review

After the Music is the first installment of a two part novella called A Gothic Christmas. I will be reviewing the other book, Lady of the Locket, as soon as I get to it.

Going into this book, I thought it would be a typical formula romance like others on the shelf I found it on. This was my first book by Christine Feehan and it did not disappointment. I enjoyed the dark, menacing features of the book as well as the writing, which is a huge part for me as a writer. Written in third person, it was most comfortable for me. That’s just my preference.

I enjoyed that the twins were treated with a level of sensibility and not as children who can’t understand the dangers and darkness of an adult’s world. I appreciated that. Overall, this book is a five star from me and I would recommend if you’re looking for a steamy read with gothic elements.

Happy Reading!

Xo Kat

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