Reading Slump!

Have you ever gone through periods where you’re not finishing books because they don’t seem to hold your interest? It’s either the excitement tapers off or the writing needs work. It’s always something. For the past year I can say, I’ve been shelving more books as DNF(did not finish) more than finished.

As a lover of books, it’s affecting my life. I feel sad, withdrawn. I read the premise of a book and although it sounds inviting, I’m scared to enter. There are so just many stories, more so the writing that’s not doing it for me anymore.

I’ve actually been feeling to read authors I read growing up, like RL STINE, or the classics. I think repetition and a particular style of writing is turning me off more and more. I hate to sit here and say that bad writing is infusing its way into our books nowadays, but it truly is. I have no issues with simple writing if a writer can tell a good story. But when most of the content is filler. Two hundred words to describe the same action or feeling. Honestly, it’s getting to me. And I’m losing faith in what I pick up to read.

This kind of writing takes away from the story…from the core plot. Which brings me to my next point. There is no real plot. Nothing is happening except two main characters unloading their feelings for each other on every page. Now pardon me in advance for saying this, but I grew up reading a lot of romances and I can’t remember them being written like this. There was always a story, a cast of supporting characters and something going on. I remember Mill & Boon books, always having some kind of plot unique to the characters and stories.

You know what the problem is here? Insta-love. That’s what I think is taking away from the stories. With no real journey, there’ll be forced and unrealistic sub plots.

I’m in such a deep slump where reading is concerned these days, not even my favorite authors are pulling me out of it. Oh well, in time it’ll pass.

Does this happen to you too? Please recommend a book to take me out of this slump. Thank ye in advance.

Please Note: I read across all genres. Fantasy, Horror, Thriller. Romance has just managed to be the culprit that sent me into a reading slump this time.

xo Kat

2 thoughts on “Reading Slump!

  1. Noriko March 22, 2018 / 11:31 pm

    Ugh, I am so sorry that you’re experiencing a reading slump! But I think I’ve got a similar feeling – in my case, something like that tends to happen when I’m a reading a physical book/Kindle book instead of listening to an audiobook. I don’t know if it’s a book or not, but I cannot get into the story. I find myself not so invested in the story/characters. It’s kind of painful. And yes, when I had a streak of 2 to 3 star reads in the last couple of weeks, I seriously doubted if it was because of me becoming desensitized to the extent I can no longer pick up feeling and emotions from written words. That’s agonizing as a book lover, too.
    Anyways, I hope you’ll get out of the reading slump soon, take care ❤

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    • Bookish Kat March 23, 2018 / 12:36 am

      Exactly! I keep thinking it’s me that’s desensitized. Thanks for reading and commenting. Hopefully i’ll climb out of this soon💙

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