“I read and I review things.”

Hi, I’m Kat, and books are my best friends. I’m my fullest self when I’m buried between pages and words. I’m not a huge talker in person, unless we’re talking books or other mediums of storytelling. But when it comes to the blog, I may stray away from the topic at times, so bear with me. Each reader has their own perspective so I started a blog to catalogue mine. 

As of 2019, I’m not going to mention star rating on my blog because I think it doesn’t rate a book’s true message or story. Most likely, I’ll be breaking down the story into what worked for me and what didn’t work for me. I’m very protective of writers in that way. No one tells a wrong or bad story. Every story is…well, a story. 

I read anything and everything when it comes to genre. If the synopsis holds my attention or the book came highly recommended, you bet I’m going to check it out. I do, however, love the thrill of a story with a good plot twist or a story that has me suspicious of all the characters. I’m aware this scenario can exist in any kind of story so I won’t single out psychological thriller. (LOL)

Other than reading, and sometimes writing my own stories, I enjoy binging a good tv show every now and then. Like books, I watch most things, but I often end up on Investigation Discovery pretending to be some armchair detective. 

That pretty much sums it up. Welcome to my book blog. Let’s get reading!!!

xo Kat