Captive Rebel by Erin McDermott|Book Review

Book title: Captive Rebel (The allegiance book 1)

Author: Erin McDermott


Synopsis: Destined to be enemies, bound by fate…

Prince Ariston rules over the Allegiant – an elite faction favored by the Greek Gods. Separated from his family at a young age, he became a prisoner to the rebellion.

Marylyn O’Conner is a rebel, forced to do the rebellion’s bidding until an unforgiving family debt is paid. A pawn in the war for rebels to gain their freedom, she is obligated to become a spy, or her family will suffer.

Driven by revenge after returning from captivity, Prince Ariston makes it his mission to hunt down rebel spies, capturing Marylyn O’Conner in the process.

Desperate, Marylyn knows she needs to escape her alluring captor, or risk the safety of her family.

My Review: For some unknown reason this book reminded me of Cinder(the Lunar Chronicles). The story is by no chance similar but my feelings towards both books were. Why? Because the characters were likeable, straightforward. There was no clutter in this book which I appreciated as a reader, and writer. Everything flowed, no loop holes, no mindless yammering. A romance, but not only a romance. And it ended well yet left avenues open for the sequels. Overall, I would recommend if you like YA Dystopian or Fantasy, Action & Adventure.

Happy reading!

Xo Kat

The Obsession by Nora Roberts| Book Review

Book Title: The Obsession

Author: Nora Roberts

Genre: Romance/Thriller/Suspense

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Synopsis – At 12 yrs old, Naomi Bowes followed her father into the woods one night and stumbled upon a shocking & disturbing truth. From that moment, life would never be the same for Naomi, her mother, and her brother, Mason. Years later, Naomi’s past follows her wherever she goes, making her develop a nomad-like attitude for her job as a photographer, bumping around from place to place. In the present order of events, Naomi is in her late twenties and decides to root herself in a small town by purchasing a huge house in need of many repairs. She befriends the town folk and even finds love in Xander Keaton, the town mechanic. While Naomi busies herself with taking pictures and bartering them for odds and ends needed around her house, and sparks fly between her and Xander, her horrific past resurfaces and she can’t help but blame herself, and want to retreat into a space where she hasn’t opened her heart and life to others.

My Review – if you’re familiar with my blog, you’d know I love most of what Nora Roberts writes, how she writes, her manner of storytelling. It’s the way I love my own stories to be. A dash of romance tied in with mysteries, suspense and thriller.

I must admit I had an inkling of the climax in this book but not because of a weak plot. I’m just an alright detective(hehe). This book was very character driven. The characters were fully explored and examined, their growth and progress added to the story. Without all of this meaningful clutter, I don’t see how the main plot would work as a whole book. Overall, I would recommend it as it doesn’t narrow in on just a romantic story. That’s just a fraction of what this book is about. Without selling the story away, I’ll say it’s a tie in of murder, mayhem, healing, strength.

*Before heading into this book you should know that there are some dark moments, mentions of rape, torture and murder by a disturbed serial killer. *

Thanks for stopping by. Happy reading!

Xo Kat

City of Fallen Angels by Cassandra Clare| Book Review

Image result for city of fallen angels cover

City of Fallen Angels is the fourth installment of The Mortal Instruments Series. Needless to say, it wasn’t a page turner like the first three books. For me, at least. I did enjoy it however, because it’s a continuous piece of a larger story. I’m not really big on YA per se but I will read it if it sounds interesting. The adolescent nature of the characters really showed in this book, something I didn’t care for but it is YA fantasy so I’m not beating up the book about it.

I enjoyed that there were several points of view rather than just Clary and Jace, especially Simon. The book is somewhat revolved around the importance of Simon being a daylighter and what his blood can do. There’s also the case of Jace who is having nightmares about himself hurting Clary, the one person he loves and can’t live without. We get to see more of Isabelle, Maia’s story as well as a blast from Magnus’ past. The overall plot of the book is okay in my opinion and I did rate the book three stars on Goodreads but I would recommend that it be read in order to complete the entire series as well as read Cassandra Clare’s other series. I believe the Mortal Instruments pave the way for other characters we may see in other books.

I think we may also see pieces of this book in the TV Series. Are you a fan of the show as well? Leave me a comment to let me know what you thought about City of Fallen Angels.

xo Kat


Thriller September Reads| TBR | Books

Halloween is already in my air. Two days of weather in the 60s and I’m already gearing up for my favorite season, the haunted season. Random Kat Facts: I didn’t grow up in the US so Halloween was just a TV thing to me but ohhh how I wished I could be part of that world. Growing up on movies like Beetlejuice, Hocus Pocus and a ton of horror movies which I wasn’t allowed to watch. Well…fast forward a few years and here I am. Both my kids and I are excited about it. Have any of you started picking out costumes as yet? We haven’t but my daughter is bouncing around ideas. I feel like she’s leaning towards Trolls.

Without further ado, let me explain my Thriller September theme for reading. I read most genres but I pick and choose what I’m reading based on what vibrations I’m getting, and recently I’ve been feeling a thriller/horror binge.

Here’s what I have in mind for my upcoming reads:

Current reads: IT by Stephen King – As with any movie based on a book, I read the book just before the movie comes out.

  • Great Tales of Terror by HP Lovecraft – I’ve always wanted to read Lovecraft because Stephen King, whom I absolutely adore has spoken about being influenced by Lovecraft. I love that it’s a huge volume with a lot to offer, can’t wait to get into it.
  • Penny Dreadfuls (Sensational Tales of Terror) – Compiled by Stefan Dziemianowicz
  • Kingdom Keepers II (Disney at Dawn) – Ridley Pearson
  • End of Innocence – Stephen King
  • Lives of the Mayfair Witches – Anne Rice

Most of these are what I’ve had on my TBR for the longest while. If you have any scary reading suggestions, leave them in a comment!

Happy Reading!

xo Kat


Crushed by A.D. McCammon|Book Review

I’ve been lucky this year to have found some well written romance novels. A lot of romances can get cliched and cringey, not any fault of the authors but I believe few of us writers really know how to capture the essence of true love, especially true first love. Well A.D. had no issues doing that. Love and heartache roll off every page in this book. It was beautifully written, and felt and what I loved the most or actually admire, is the author’s ability to keep love alive throughout the book without repeating herself. As a writer, I find this very difficult. I get very repetive once I’ve fleshed out my characters enough so I pretty much fell in love with the way this book was written. 

Here’s a brief synopsis…

Julianna has just returned to her hometown after being separated from her cheating husband. She has negative, and sometimes troubled feelings about returning to Tennessee. Soon after moving back, she meets up with Eric, her best friend in high school. As the book progresses we learn that Julianna and Eric both had a deep love for each other but never acted on it due to circumstances. They’d also broken contact for some time so it took them a few to rekindle their friendship, and admit their love for each other. 

There’s some suspense elements in this book and if you’ve read my blog before you’ll see that’s my favorite recipe for romances. 

Happy reading! Xo Kat

Paper Books vs E-books

Ahh! The never ending debate…

Which do you prefer? Comment down below if you prefer one over the other and why. I’d love to hear it.

I love books in any form or fashion but I do appreciate paper books and e-books in different ways.

Paper Books. Who doesn’t love the smell or books, the feel and sound of a turning page? My dream is to own a library like the one in Beauty and the Beast…one where I need ladders on wheels. Ohhh the awesomeness! Unfortunately, I don’t have that much shelf space where I live and at the rate of which I read, it’s very costly to support my reading addiction. However paper books make it easier to lend, or borrow, to smell, to cuddle…nothing beats having an actual book on your shelf. Not to mention, when you’re into the books, there’s no distractions as with an e-reader.

E-books. The cost and space factor is why I mainly use my tablet for reading. I use the Kindle App and an .epub reader app. I also use iBooks on my phone. The storage is not only nice for saving space but your hundreds of books can travel with you all of the time. I mean, we have so much pending books to be read but still feel like there’s a lack of content to choose from. Does this happen to anyone else? I spoke about the cost factor above, e-books are a little bit cheaper so there’s that. It’s comfortable to read on nowadays as technology is always advancing, there’s night modes, you can change the text and brightness to suit your eyes. You can also highlight and takes notes. This is something I won’t do on a paper book, it’d break my heart to damage such delicate things. On the negative side, your battery will die at some point, especially when you’re in the middle of a really good story and you’re not at home to plug it in right away to recharge. I also strongly suggest not downloading any social media apps or have a separate tablet entirely for reading, because you WILL get distracted. Some nights I plan to get at least fifty pages into a story then I get a message notification. Before I know it…three hours has passed and I’m exhausted and cursing myself. Ohhh the guilt! I don’t really listen to audiobooks but there’s a useful feature if it works for you.

In conclusion, I’d say the most important thing for me is the content of the book and not so much the delivery system. 



My Strange Addiction to Paper


After I learned that this was an actual thing, I can be a little open about it. I’d often think that there was something wrong with me. Something childish that I never grew out of or just something completely ridiculous and it does still seem so, but it’s an actual thing and other people enjoy it as well.

So ever since I was a child, I would enjoy flipping through books, like all of the pages and smelling them. This is pretty normal, right? Everyone does it from time to time, especially avid readers like myself. Well here’s where it got confusing for me. I love to just sit and flip pages, each and every one of them until I reach to the end of the book and then flip them all the way back to the beginning. And while I’m watching TV or studying I keep doing this over and over and over, flipping back and forth.

I especially enjoy the feel of the paper against my fingers and the sound it makes, as well as the sound of the page turning. I can’t explain it, but I love it. I couldn’t make a connection whether it was therapeutic or relaxing to me until recently. I do this a lot in private and when my husband or anyone walks in, I quickly shut the book or pretend I was reading it, because I feel stupid about flipping pages for no reason.

A few months ago I was looking for a video on calming sounds on Youtube, I just love the sound of rain falling and thunder so I was looking. I then came across a video with a woman flipping pages of a telephone book or a magazine. It was labelled ASMR Page Turning. My curiosity of course got the better of me because it was still a strange thing to me at that time so I scrolled down to the comments and it was mind blowing how many people found this relaxing. It was amazing to me that people enjoyed different kinds of paper sounds whether it be thick, or newspaper etc.

I’ve never discussed my little habit with anyone before as I think I’ll still get some weird stares. Only people who share the same love of page turning will totally get this. Let me know what sounds relax you!

Autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) is a tingly experience characterized by a static-like or tingling sensation on the skin that typically begins on the scalp and moves down the back of the neck and upper spine, precipitating relaxation. (SOURCE: Wikipedia)

xo Coffee Doll


December 2015 Kindle Book Review

These are mostly holiday romances, I get into that mood around the holidays. The majority of these I got for free using, so don’t judge the cheesy, happily ever after stories. If it’s not your cup of tea then move along.

WARNING: Includes sexual content, not for children.

*Finding Southern Comfort (Barbara Lohr)
Harper performs in costumes at kids’ birthday parties, she is tricked by her agent to perform at a bachelor party.She decides to go with it because she is tight on money, however it ends up with a very embarrassed Harper. Weeks later she ends up landing a job as a Nanny to a little girl named Bella, at the same house she embarrassed herself at during the bachelor party. Sparks fly between Harper and Bella’s widowed father Cameron. It’s an enjoyable read, but I will give it 4 stars only because the writer called a 29 year old man, old. Helloooo! She wrote Cameron as if he was in his mid forties, kept stressing how older he was while Harper was in her mid-twenties, I didn’t catch that. Harper was written more like a 19 year old college student, which I had no problems with but it really irked me the way the writer made Cameron feel so old at just 29. To be noted, old and mature is very different.

*Three Wise Men Series (Serenity Woods)
Book 1. The Perfect Gift
Steamy, fast paced December romance. Like I said, I quite enjoy these around the holidays. Brock King, a widowed pediatrician, meets a single mother with whom he has been chatting with for the past year. They both know instantly that they like each other a lot and they want more. Brock is a billionaire owner of a huge foundation for sick children along with his two brothers, Charlie and Matt. Erin, a single mother is struggling to make ends meet, so she always feels intimidated by Brock’s money. She doesn’t want him or herself to feel like she is interested in him only for financial security. Brock does a very good job of directing the relationship where he wants it to be and helps her remove her confusion.

Book 2. The Ideal Present
This is the second book in the series, I have not read the third. This one is about Brock’s brother Charlie who is a bit of an introvert. He has had a long lasting crush on Ophelia, who is another single mother. Well not so single, since her husband with whom she is only separated with is trying to get back together. Charlie is a very calm character, doesn’t act on impulse, thinks before he acts. I like how they ended up together but not in an unrealistic way.

Overall I like the way this author writes.

*Winter in Sweetwater County (Ciara Night)
Lisa Mortan buys an antique shop in a small town with a woman that she met online. Lisa is escaping a relationship from the city with secrets. She and Eric, her co-owner’s son have an undeniable and irresistible attraction from day one but they both have secrets. Eric is dealing with tragedy from his past and Lisa is carrying her ex-boyfriend’s baby that he doesn’t know about. She left him with the impression that she had an abortion before she left the city. It turns out well of course. A nice cozy read.This is also part of a series, I haven’t read any more of it though.

Happy Reading!
xo Kat

Book Tag! #BookTag

1) Do you have a certain place at home for reading? 
 – No I can read absolutely anywhere.

2) Bookmark or random piece of paper?
– I used to own bookmarks many moons ago, now it’s mostly receipts or random pieces of paper.

3) Can you stop reading anytime you want or do you have to stop at a certain page?
– I can stop anywhere, when you have a busy life, that’s normally how it goes.

4) Do you eat or drink while reading?
– Sometimes, but only if I’m using my tablet.

5) Can you read while listening to music/watching TV?
– I prefer not too, I’m sure I wouldn’t remember what I’m reading.

6) One book at a time or several books at a time?
– I prefer not too but I can read several at a time, it happens.

7) Reading at home or everywhere?
– Everywhere! I never leave home without reading material. I usually carry an actual book in case my tablet is discharged.

8) Reading out loud or silently in your head?
– Both! I mostly read silently, sometimes I whisper and sometimes I read out loud in fake accents (mostly British).

9) Do you read ahead or skip pages?
– I prefer not to as a spoiler would cause me to stop reading the book entirely. I do skip pages with details about the environment and surroundings. For example, Italy is described in so many novels in so many pages so sometimes I would skip details like that.

10) Do you write in books?
– I used to write my name, I highlight in textbooks. I read on my tablet 99% of the time now so I highlight and add notes there, don’t know if that counts.

11) Breaking the spine?
– Of course with paperbacks. It doesn’t bother me, I like seeing a used book, makes me feel they have been loved before.

I don’t know anyone with a blog, but I tag all my reading gal pals to do this, maybe on Facebook notes.
xo Kat

Book Review: The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins


This was definitely one of my best reads of 2015. This book was plotted and written so well, I could not put it down. I suspected everyone as the murderer.
Rachel, a mentally unstable drunk rides the train to and from work daily, only she doesn’t work. She just hangs out in libraries and such to make her roommate believe she is working. There is a specific spot where the train stops and Rachel sees the same people and enacts stories in her head about them, who they are, what they’re doing etc. As the story moves along, the reader may have a love/hate relationship with Rachel. One day something is different from what she sees daily and immediately Rachel knows something is wrong. She plays nosy and ends up in the middle of a murder case.

Happy Reading 🙂