Is Third Person POV Dead?|Writing Fiction

Just like anything, I've come to realize that writing books is a business in itself. At the end of the day we all want to be our authentic selves in hopes that at least one person will receive it positively but it's also true that we write for an audience. Particularly in the romantic genres,… Continue reading Is Third Person POV Dead?|Writing Fiction


Connect with my blog on Facebook!

Hi Bookish Folks, I'm honestly overwhelmed by all the social media-ing it takes to promote oneself as a writer. Personally, I'm not much of a sharer other than funny or animal videos but I decided to finally undertake creating a Facebook page for my blog, Bookish Kat. My main reason for doing this is to… Continue reading Connect with my blog on Facebook!


One Year WordPress Anniversary!

Wow, I can't believe it's a year already. I had been blogging on other platforms before but it's been a year since I started using wordpress and working on better content. My blog has taken a different turn since I initially started it. To sum it up, I think I'm a mix between book blogger… Continue reading One Year WordPress Anniversary!

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New Blog Look!

If you've been reading my blog previously, you're wondering who is Bookish Kat. I changed my blog name from Coffee Doll Chronicles to Bookish Kat. I wanted something simplistic that also incorporates my name so after much thought and consideration, I think it's safe to say I'm sticking with Bookish Kat. I'll still be writing… Continue reading New Blog Look!

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Thank You for 100+ readers!

I hit the 100 subscriber mark sometime last month and I'm yet to mention my thank yous for following my blog that's all over the place. It's been incredibly insane these last few months as I had some visitors but I'm here now. Back on the grind, slipping into my normal routine. I actually should… Continue reading Thank You for 100+ readers!

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Blog Name Changes

This is something I've been struggling with all of my blogging life. I've always jumped around and changed the name of my blog depending on the content or stage in life. I wouldn't dare use one of those insane screen names I used as an adolescent. I even changed platforms in the last year. Previously… Continue reading Blog Name Changes

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Where do you get your blog content?

Where do I get my blog content? I get my blog content the same way I get ideas for writing stories...through everyday life. Something or someone might spark a conversation in my head that I have with myself and voila! Things come to me while reading, cleaning, shopping etc. I'm pretty sure all of our… Continue reading Where do you get your blog content?

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Why I Started Blogging?

I've transferred my blog to WordPress in January of this year and started uploading content on it a bit more frequently than I did in the last three years. Yesterday I saw that I had reached fifty subscribers and I was completely bowled over. Fifty subscribers may not seem like much to a successful blogger… Continue reading Why I Started Blogging?

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Paper Books vs E-books

Ahh! The never ending debate... Which do you prefer? Comment down below if you prefer one over the other and why. I'd love to hear it. I love books in any form or fashion but I do appreciate paper books and e-books in different ways. Paper Books. Who doesn't love the smell or books, the feel… Continue reading Paper Books vs E-books

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I was jealous of your Grandma

Yeah, I really was. I think I've gotten over it now but it still stings a little. So flashback to twenty years ago... I never knew either of my four grandparents. They had passed on by the time I was born so unfortunately I never even got to see them. I'd always hear the kids… Continue reading I was jealous of your Grandma