I shop cheap for my kids: Here’s the why & where


Not that I’m crapping on anyone’s parade but sometimes when I see wee little babies/kids wearing a high-end brand name shirt I inwardly cringe. Apart from them outgrowing clothes, they’re pretty much rough with it. My kids change clothes about four or five times a day. There’s always food stains, art stains and dirt marks from playing outside. Now I’m not against investing in a nice outfit for a picture or to go somewhere nice but my goodness! I cannot purchase expensive things for my children. Can you? I know every kid is different, some are tidier than some. My older one is on the careful side but she too runs her clothing and shoes into the ground.

All of our shoes are dirty. As much as I try to get them different shoes for playing/going out somewhere nice, it’ll end up the same…battered and filthy. Quality of clothing is definitely a concern when you want the longevity of an item. But children’s clothes are expensive as it is, cheaper quality or not. Personally I love to shop where I can sign up for e-mail coupons or buy one get one free.

I’d like to share some of the places that I shop at for basic, everyday clothing, mostly worn at the park or at home. I do get cute outfits at these stores as well.

Note: This is not a sponsored post.

  1. Target – Yes I am a Target mom and I love all things Target. They often have sales for children’s clothing/shoes and they have an app called Cartwheel which has additional coupons that you can scan at the checkout. Target has really inexpensive shirts and leggings for kids that they can run down at the park or at home.
  2. Carters – Although I feel like Carters could have a cuter variety, they do have a lot of sales and send coupons so it works out. Their clothing lasts a long time considering I wash my kids clothing a lot. They also have really cute and affordable footwear, great quality.
  3. H&M
  4. The Children’s Place – I’m not totally fond of the quality of the shirts at Children’s Place but they do have cuter items than a lot of other stores for children. They have very affordable dresses and accessories as well. I recently bought my kids jeans from here and the quality is nice. I especially loved the variety. I was able to get the super skinny jean here for my kids.(No it doesn’t fit them tight. Their legs are longer than girth)
  5. Old Navy – I don’t really shop at Old Navy for my kids but they are similar to Carters in the sense that they have a lot of sales.
  6. JC Penney, Sears, Kohls – The quality at these stores are on the better side, not to mention great quality brand name shoes like Nike, New Balance etc. If you shop smart, you can get items at great prices.

Those are the main stores that I shop at for my kids(and myself). To me it makes no sense to get my children’s entire wardrobe from high ends stores. Where do you shop for your kids? I’d love to hear!

xo Coffee Doll

How to reach your reading goals

Time is never on our sides as we get older and if you’re a reader like myself, you sometimes feel a little stressed that you’re not getting enough done. A lot of people I spoke to can’t imagine adding reading to their already busy lives but it’s how I survive, escaping this world into another world. I’d simply wither away without feeding my brain the words that roll of off pages.

If you’re not a reader, I’m not sure how my post will help you but if you are a reader and would like to read more, keep reading…

You don’t have to speed read.

Nope. You don’t have to read faster to become a better reader or to challenge yourself. I will share how you can achieve your goals without be stressful about reading. Nourishing your imagination with pages is a beautiful thing and it’s meant to be enjoyed.

Set a reading time.

By reading time I don’t mean a reading schedule. If you have a demanding career or studies and/or children it’s impossible to say something like you’ll read fifty pages a day. If you want to set that goal for yourself, it’s fine…as long as you don’t feel pressured. I can assure you that some days you’ll barely get through a few pages, then other’s you’ll most likely finish a portion of the book.

You can set a reading time for yourself when you’re most focused. Some people like the mornings, some prefer their lunch break and I personally prefer at night. It helps me wind down after a tiresome and hectic day, although I’m one of those that lugs a kindle everywhere and use it.

Make it a part of your daily routine.

Incorporating reading time in your daily routine can help you get a little done each day instead of frustrating yourself with cramming an entire book in one sitting. Although it’s traumatic when we want to know what happens next and our eyes are deceiving us.

No social media.

I can’t tell you how much the internet ruins productivity for me. Whenever I sit to read or write, I’m always distracted by a notification or a quick thought to google something becomes two hours of me watching random people talk about their lives on Youtube. I invested in a Kindle because of this reason but you don’t have to. Just exercise the will power to block out all social media during your reading time. Silence those phones.

Choose interesting reading material.

Sometimes I pick up a book because there is a huge hype about it, especially on Booktube. In most instances, I don’t enjoy the book and end up putting it down halfway feeling like I’ve wasted good time. When you stick to material that interests you whether it be biographies, self-help, fantasy, romance etc. you tend to engage in what you read better, hence you read more.

These are the few things that works to help me keep focused on reaching my yearly reading goals. If you don’t already have a structure for reading try it and let me know in the comments if it worked for you. Thanks for reading! xo Coffee Doll

Toxic Relationships

A while back, I wrote about toxic friendships and how to detect it on my blog and I’ve always wanted to touch on the topic of toxic relationships. Sometimes we tend to overlook some serious damage being done underneath the surface in hopes of things changing for the better. As usual I have to insert a disclaimer saying this post doesn’t speak for all relationships as many relationships survive its daily ups and downs.


Like toxic friendships, the toxicity in relationships aren’t always seen in black or white. A toxic partner wouldn’t necessarily harm you in a direct way such as abuse, cheating etc. There are grayed out areas in a relationship that you know and feel is not correct for you yet it’s hard to cut ties and move on. You may feel an intense love for your partner, and generally you both have a great time together. A few arguments here and there won’t raise any red flags so you continue to pursue this relationship even though deep inside you feel like an absolute wreck.

  1. Feeling Alone. Despite a relationship being a sort of partnership, one partner feels alone, insecure or even unwanted. A relationship is meant to make one feel fulfilled and add to one’s life. Otherwise, what’s the point?
  2. You’re a lesser half. When you constantly conform to your partner’s wants and needs, his/her opinions and your voice is never heard you tend to feel unimportant. Eventually this feeling of inferiority will lead towards you pleasing the other person through hell or high water yet the same won’t be done for you because you are always taken for granted.
  3. Controlling Partner. A controlling partner can act on a simple bout of jealousy or need for control and make you cut ties with your friends and families. It sounds silly writing it but I have seen it time and time again. I’ve even experienced a relationship like this. To be manipulated by your significant other and ignore everyone around you is unhealthy. Then you are truly alone.
  4. Jealousy. We all are flattered when our significant others express a form of jealousy but when does jealousy become too much? I personally think it’s absurd to have someone in your phone, emails, social media around the clock. If you can’t share trust, then what kind of relationship do you really have? And if you can’t trust the person you’re with, then why continue to pursue it?
  5. Dwelling on the past. We often joke about this and make memes about it when people conjure old arguments during a new one to turn tables on the other person. To be able to move forward in a relationship, there is need for forgive and forget. Dwelling on ancient petty matters won’t help the situation.
  6. Communication. If you can’t communicate yourself well in a relationship and establish your half of the partnership then you will eventually bottle up your feelings until you start resenting your significant other. This leads to treating your significant other sourly. So don’t brush the problem over with a brand new gift, deal with it. Find common ground and put yourself in the other person’s shoe.
  7. Lack of Respect. Last but not least I want to talk about respect. I feel like it’s something that’s overlooked in relationships nowadays. We think attraction and common interests will lead us down the road to love. Respect is a key factor in tying love, trust and communication together. Embarrassing your other half in front of people is disrespectful. If you have problems talk with each other and not about each other. Be mindful and respectful that this other person brings some sort of fulfillment in your life and appreciate that.

Thanks for reading! xo Coffee Doll



Working Stiff by Blair Babylon|Book Review

The full title of this book is Working Stiff (Runaway Billionaires #1:Casimir).

With a character’s name like Casimir who wouldn’t want to read this, right? So in between longer books, I like to pick up these quick reads on Kindle mainly in the adult romantic genre. Blame it on my Mills & Boons discovery in high school. I enjoyed this one, and although there was a super rich billionaire in it, I was not annoyed.

Brief Synopsis: Rox works as a paralegal for hot shot lawyer, Casimir who is known for his playboy ways. Deciding not to fall for his antics, Rox pretends to be married for three years. Early on in the book, Casimir meets with some trouble and it draws him and Rox closer together, all the while she’s unaware of his royal roots in Europe.

That’s basically all I can share without giving too much away. If you enjoy a Nora Roberts kind of book with racy scenes, this might be a good read for you.

The Cilantro in Apple Pie by Kimberly Knights|Book Review

When it comes to YA fiction I’ll probably gravitate towards dystopian or apocalyptic so I was hugely surprised that I actually enjoyed this coming of age story about friendship and loss.

Just to give a brief synopsis, the book starts out with Ruby a bi-racial sixteen year old from the Caribbean who’s moving to the US with her sister who recently got married. Ruby is a bit of a loner at school and is having trouble fitting in because of her different background and culture. She eventually befriends Gil who belongs to a rich and snobby family. Here is where Ruby’s and Gil’s world collide. There is a bit of a culture clash and the author does a beautiful representation of Caribbean language and slang. The book was written in first person narrative so I quite enjoyed the voice of the story. Without giving away spoilers, Gil basically proves that he can be a true friend to Ruby, and he does care about her even though she doesn’t fit into his world and lifestyle. The second part of this book was emotional but like I said, I’m not spoiling this one. It’ll definitely ruin the story if you decide to pick this one up. Ruby’s fight was to become a resident of her community, finally feeling at home despite being away from home. A nice quick read about friendship and family.

Thanks for reading and happy Saturday!

xo Coffee Doll