Cress (The Lunar Chronicles Bk 3) |Book Review

Cress (The Lunar Chronicles Book 3) by [Meyer, Marissa]

Book Title: Cress

Book Series: The Lunar Chronicles

Number in series: #3

Genre: Young Adult Fantasy/Sci-fi

My Rating: 5 Stars


This installment begins with Cinder, Captain Thorne, Scarlet and Wolf on the run. Their mission is to over Queen Levana and prevent her army from invading Earth.

Cress, the title character, is trapped on satellite in space. She has exceptional hacking skills and is ruled over my Sybil Mira. One of her tasks is to track down Cinder and turn her over to Queen Levana. She also wants to break free of her prison, and on contacting Cinder, the group decides to rescue her.

All hell breaks lose, when the group splits up.

My Review

A longer read than the first two books but definitely more captivating than book two. So it was a fresh outlook on the series. The writing and action was also better. In this book we see a lot of action, which is admirable since it’s so hard to capture a action with words. The book also takes some getting used to if you like less complicated reads. Meaning there is a bigger cast and the story follows most of them.

Highly recommend if you enjoyed The Mortal Instruments or Shatter Me. The premises may be different but it delivers when it comes to a wide range of characters, a lot of plot and action.

Happy Reading!

xo Kat

Book Review:The Lunar Chronicles Pt 1

I’ll label this part one since I’ve not read past book two in this series. Sometime last year I read Cinder, the first book in this series and it did not find favor with me at all. The story of a cyborg in a Cinderella role with a modern take is very interesting. Those elements of the story were good but I found it very predictable and the main character very depressing. At the end of book one I was still a little confused as to what the Lunar people are and why they have a strained relationship with Earth. It cleared in book two but it took me half a year to garner the energy to even start book two.

Cinder’s encounters with Prince Kaito was downright annoying. I could not handle that much low self esteem in a protagonist. It was too damsel-in-distress cliche. Book one wrapped up with a cliff hangar of course and not to give any spoilers away, basically there was an evil step mother, step sisters, a Prince and the one character that I loved the most, Iko the Android.

Onto book two which I enjoyed very much. I rated this a four on goodreads. Not that it didn’t deserve a five but I rate books very tough. This one was a page turner and Cinder was less annoying in this one. She actually shared some nice humor with a new character, Captain Thorne. This book was mainly told from Scarlet’s and Wolf’s POV which I guess is taken from Little Red Riding Hood. The fact that there were multiple POVs, kept the momentum up compared to the first book where I really tried to turn the page.

So Scarlet’s grandmother goes missing, and she encounters this loner tough guy named Wolf. Meanwhile, Cinder has escaped from a prison where she was sentenced to be taken back to Lunar and be executed, with a fellow prisoner Thorne. On Thorne’s stolen ship, they make a getaway. I probably should not say anything else at this point as it’d probably be a spoiler.

xo Coffee Doll