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A Day in the Life of a Freelance Writer

Currently I've developed a schedule that I roughly follow daily, and it appears to be helping.  It's also a great addition that my kids are getting older and can keep themselves busy for longer periods of time. I assume this gets better with time. It's still on a day to day basis with me, how… Continue reading A Day in the Life of a Freelance Writer

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Paper Books vs E-books

Ahh! The never ending debate... Which do you prefer? Comment down below if you prefer one over the other and why. I'd love to hear it. I love books in any form or fashion but I do appreciate paper books and e-books in different ways. Paper Books. Who doesn't love the smell or books, the feel… Continue reading Paper Books vs E-books

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Reading As A Writer

One of the most basic things to know about writers are, they were first readers. Readers possess the ability to use their imagination to carve out what an author is conveying in his or her book. It's truly a great relationship to be in when you delve into a good story, and your whole world… Continue reading Reading As A Writer