In The Gray by A.D. McCammon| COVER REVEAL + Giveaway!

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Lately, I’ve been having a love/hate relationship with romance books which I’ll cover in my very next post. But somewhere in between all of those DNFs(Did not finish), I’ll come across ones written by A.D. McCammon. Her first two books, In This Moment and Crushed can be found on for only .99 cents from 3/15 – 3/22.

Crushed made it to my best reads of 2017 simply because it was written beautifully. A.D. has a way with writing emotion that doesn’t sound whiny or pretentious. Her characters, and situations are very real, and her plots are of substance. I appreciate romance writers who can weave a tale without unnecessary filler content, and unconvincing conflict.

Without further ado, let me reveal to you the stunning cover of her newest novel, In The Gray.

in the gray cover.jpg


Cover Designer: Indie Solutions by Murphy Rae
Release Date: April 19th
“There isn’t always a clean beginning and ending to every story. Instead of something being black or white, it’s a mixture of both, forming a nice shade of gray.”

Writer Lori Stevens was eighteen when she was assaulted by her mentor, learning people aren’t always what they seem the hard way. She’s found solace living in the gray, keeping everyone at arm’s length with her secrets safely tucked away.

When the biggest story of her career hits too close to home, Lori is forced to face her demons and question everything—like her feelings for Steven Duncan.

Steven was meant to be nothing more than a failed one-night stand, but when a cruel twist of fate brings him back into her life, she begins falling for him.

There’s one slight problem: he’s dating her best friend.

Officer Steven Duncan is no stranger to tragedy, but that never stopped him from searching for his fairytale. Now, he’s dating the perfect girl, only it’s the wrong girl who feels right.

Steven is willing to fight for Lori—to step outside the boundaries of his black and white world—but can they find happiness living in the gray?

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As always, thanks for reading my friends. And good luck with your new book A.D. ❤

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Let’s talk Clean Romance| Writing Fiction

Do you enjoy reading clean and wholesome romance? I’m writing one. It’s a holiday romance inspired by my love of cheesy Hallmark movies around the holidays. There’s nothing religious about any aspect of my book, just a fun, heart-warming journey and romance that occurs in the life of my protagonist. Growing up in a very Christmas oriented household, the Holidays were a big deal. From family parties to amazing food, and decorations. But since I’m a total borefest as an adult, I channel the fuzzy end of year feeling by writing about it.

I’ve had this concept for over a year and I did start to work on it in 2016. But, as you know my projects are all left hanging for some reason or the other. During the last month, I’ve spent tens of thousands of words rewriting the first two chapters. I’ve gone from really happy and excited to having self doubt and losing all motivation, but I continue to push harder because if I don’t write, I’ll wither and die.

The funny thing with turning most of the situations and people in my life into stories and characters, is writing in a specific genre. Romance is a hard one for me to write, and I’ll cover that later on. Writing a romantic suspense or something that borderlines on women’s fiction is what I’d call “my romance”. While some of my characters are pretty flawed and foul-mouthed, the ones in this book are so sweet they can give you a toothache. That isn’t to say someone somewhere isn’t selfish or doing something distasteful. But there’s no way I can taint this story. No matter which way I’ve been rewriting it, it’ll always be a clean romantic story.

What kind of a writer are you? I do get an idea first, but my characters paint the story.

xo Kat