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Thriller September Reads| TBR | Books

Halloween is already in my air. Two days of weather in the 60s and I'm already gearing up for my favorite season, the haunted season. Random Kat Facts: I didn't grow up in the US so Halloween was just a TV thing to me but ohhh how I wished I could be part of that… Continue reading Thriller September Reads| TBR | Books

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July Book Haul| TBR

Thrift store book hunting is becoming one of my favorite things to do. I absolutely love finding such gems for super cheap. This month I had a small haul but I still thought I'd share since I've been so behind on blogging. Please excuse my lack of knowledge of these books as I've only read… Continue reading July Book Haul| TBR

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Current Reads and more on my TBR list

I am currently reading Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens as part of my childhood read-overs project. Another one I want to revisit soon is Moby Dick. I really want to experience these books as an adult to see how I feel about them after two decades or so. In my earlier post, I talked about… Continue reading Current Reads and more on my TBR list

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April 2017 TBR List

These are what I'm going to try to complete by the end of April if I get my hands on all of them. Comment down below what's on your TBR list currently or even your most recent book haul. I'd love to know. The King's Man by Elizabeth Kingston (currently reading) - Historical Romance/Adventure The… Continue reading April 2017 TBR List


What’s on My Bookshelf? January 2017

Last year(2016) I posted what's on my bookshelf and it was on my electronic bookshelf at the time, however I had no intentions of finishing said books during 2016. Yes, I know, I'm a book hoarder. I need to collect everything for future reading, I just need to, else I'll feel incomplete. I currently feel… Continue reading What’s on My Bookshelf? January 2017